“Waiting”, Paola Minaccioni and Anna Foglietta at the Galli theatre

«It is a show that has a particular energy. It’s as if the two protagonists were in a ring for almost two hours. The plot seems simple, to be told in a short time, instead everything happens in that little corner, in that little room».

Paola Minaccioni describes it like this the wait, pièce by Remo Brindisi directed by Michela Cescon, on stage this evening, tomorrow and Thursday at the Galli theater in Rimini.

With her, on stage, Anna Foglietta. Two faces known and loved by the small and big screen audiences, as well as by the theater one, for their ability to tackle comic and dramatic parts, comedies and busy roles. Think of the films directed by ŌOzpetek, Verdone, Vanzina, Garrone, the TV and radio programs for Minaccioni and those for Genovese, Neri Parenti, Pontecorvo, the TV series of Foglietta. Even the theater for both.

A new rehearsal for the two interpreters who here will be the servant Rosa and the mistress Cornelia, two eighteenth-century women who are locked up for nine months in the same room to hide and pay for the shame of an unexpected pregnancy.

“Two very different personalities, from different social backgrounds, different in character, but united by the same situation: they are not the architects of their own destiny, they are victims of abuse, injustice, violence – he explains Paola Minaccioni – Rosa, who I play, lives for the day, lives for the moment and tries to survive as best she can. Cornelia, on the other hand, asks questions about existence, about human actions, she philosophises. After all, there are two aspects present in each of us: the more instinctive and the more reflective and for this reason they are complementary».

Sparse scenography, dark backdrop, a bed, white sheets and the bright color of the clothes and dressing gowns. It is the eighteenth century, but it is also the present time.

«The atmosphere is symbolic. There is little of the eighteenth century. We have chosen to represent a room as if it were a uterus or Cornelia’s head, the unconscious, the inner world. The reference to imprisonment, even to spiritual captivity, is clear. Certainly the actuality is not far away, on the contrary ».

The class difference, the double, motherhood, sin, death, seduction, love and pleasure, punishment are the themes that are told through a continuous change of register and a language with now more full-bodied now more refined.

«It is a show that overwhelms the public and we who do it – underlines Minaccioni -. It’s very physical for the story, for the directorial choice of Michela Cescon and because Anna and I are two actresses who attach great importance to the body, to bodily expression. The audience is sometimes brought to smile because they empathize with the protagonists, sometimes they do it out of embarrassment or out of sympathy, for the relationship that is created. But then, at a certain point, the plot evolves and the more dramatic aspects of the story begin to be told, one enters a world made of shadows and pains».

How does this show fit into your acting career?

«The wait it had the quality of reminding me why I chose to be an actress. Of course I have played many parts, including comedies, but I love powerful, thick, engaging and vital characters and these are the ones I would like to continue playing in my future».

So we will no longer listen to her on the radio and we will no longer see her on television parodying, for example, Giorgia Meloni?

“I will certainly not stop doing comedy and I will not stop playing Meloni”.

Have you already been to Rimini?

«Yes, I have many actor friends in this city to which I am very close. I’m always happy to come back.”

The wait is the second theatrical direction for Michela Cescon, who, after having made the theatrical transposition of the Moravian Roman The Leopard Woman has chosen to stage the first draft, from 1992, of the Brindisi text. Start at 21.00.

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“Waiting”, Paola Minaccioni and Anna Foglietta at the Galli theatre