Walter White from Breaking Bad dances Rosalía’s “Despecha”: the fake video that is all the rage

The fans went crazy with excitement. A video in which the mythical character of breakingbad, Walter White, while listening to a song by Rosalía, is all the rage on social networks. To the beat of “Despecha” of the Spanish singer, the protagonist holds a cigar in his hand and dances the choreo of the song on TikTok.

The video It exceeded four and a half million views in just three days on the social network and was shared by thousands of users on different platforms.

“Walter White dancing ‘Despecha’ by Rosalía was all I needed“, “I love you very much, Heisenberg motomami” or “What kind of multiverse is this?”, were some of the user comments. Others called him the “scorned Heisenberg,” referring to the song’s lyrics, and hailed the choreography: “If he’s motomami, we’re all motomami.”

The viral video of Walter White dancing “Despecha” by Rosalía.

But unfortunately for many of his faithful followers, It’s not about Bryan Cranstonwhich recently reappeared on the Netflix platform for the series finale Better Call Saul, but of a influencer. With more than a million followers, the user @Mr__Heisenberg share content that emulate the acclaimed characterwho uses that pseudonym for his clandestine business.

Now the question arose as to whether it is an almost exact physical resemblance or whether the user used digital assembly programs to achieve the result. According to reported the Spanish media The vanguard, uses artificial intelligence techniques, through which he is able to edit the face of any person and give him the appearance of the desired celebrity”. In contrast, other means, such as the newspaper 20 minutesassured that the author of the account shares a nearly identical physique to White.

The similarities with public figures are increasingly seen in social networks. It was the case of soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Although they went further: their imitators created an account on a digital platform in which they charged each greeting in euros.

The actor Vin Diesel he also has an unknown double. The user @kathyisnaughtmyname, girlfriend of the young man who shares a resemblance to the protagonist of fast and furious, posted a video in which his partner appeared and it instantly went viral. The users of the social network did not give credit for the resemblance: “You can’t tell me that’s not Vin Diesel”they wrote.

It was also the case of a young Brazilian, Matthew Aquinaswhich keeps a incredible resemblance to Gaten Matarazzo, the actor who plays Dustin Henderson in the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

Mateus Aquino is from Brazil where he became popular for his incredible resemblance to the Stranger Things actorTikTok

In addition, both suffer from a rare pathology called cleidocranial dysplasia. The effects of this disease, which only occurs in an average of one person in a million, affects the growth of bones and teeth. As a result of the world fame that he acquired, Matarazzo, now his “twin” from Brazil who even parody horror plot scenesalso acquired great notoriety in social networks.

Walter White from Breaking Bad dances Rosalía’s “Despecha”: the fake video that is all the rage