Warm Christmas with 31 Minutes at the National Auditorium

The famous Chilean children’s show, which mixes puppets and live musicians, will offer two performances on November 20



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CD. DE MÉXICO.- 31 Minutos, the funniest newscast on television in Chile and Latin America, will return this November 20 to the National Auditorium with two performances at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., to celebrate a Warm Christmas with its followers, show with which the host of the broadcast Tulio Triviño, his star reporter Juan Carlos Bodoque, the producer Juanín Juan Harry and the rest of the cast will tour Mexico.

On this occasion, the famous characters from the television series are entrusted with preparing a Christmas broadcast in record time, by order of their boss El Señor Manguera. However, everything gets complicated when Juan Carlos Bodoque is seduced by the famous con man named Tío Pelado, to fall into his greatest temptation: gambling. Is Christmas going to be a complete disaster?

With this premise, a new adventure is developed in which not only the well-known 31 Minutes puppets are presented, but also new and charismatic characters with a common feeling: the joy and illusion of Christmas, expressed through gifts, the coexistence between friends and family, in addition to musical compositions reserved for this time of year, such as The True Wrerwriwro of Christmas, Rodolfo, El oar; Hielito, Navidad en 31 Minutos and Calurosa Navidad, which gives this tour its title.

31 Minutes debuted at the National Auditorium with its show I never saw television, held in March of this year. The story developed from a challenge for the driver Tulio Triviño to give the most important news in his life. Said presentation featured a live band, which performed the wide repertoire of original songs from the program and some references to famous Mexican songs, such as Querida by Juan Gabriel.

The concept of 31 Minutos was created in 2003 by Chilean journalists Álvaro Díaz and Pedro Peirano, who sought to produce a program that did not repeat the traditional formulas of children’s content. After a period of playing, exploring and experimenting, they launched their particular newscast in Chile and signed a contract with the Nickelodeon network that would lead them to be seen in Mexico on the Once TV signal.

The children’s program was on the air for four seasons, with a total of 69 episodes and one last broadcast in 2014. Throughout that time it has experimented with other formats such as cinematographic, through the premiere of 31 Minutes, The Movie (Álvaro Díaz and Pedro Peirano, 2008), and the musical stage show with multiple presentations in international venues and festivals such as Lollapalooza, Viña del Mar and Vive Latino.

Since its launch, this children’s soap opera has proven to be a quality project, with a proposal that blends the artistic, the musical, and educational content.

The broadcast was created as a parody of the true Chilean television newscasts, but the great acceptance it had led its creators to make more chapters, integrating alternate content of the characters and rhythmic and catchy original songs.

With 19 years of experience, 31 Minutes has become a generational phenomenon that continues to capture the taste of children and followers who have grown up with all their characters, favorite sections of the show, journalistic notes with a mixture of humor and fiction. and the classic beginning of each chapter: “Tulio, Tulio, we are already on the air!”.

The 31 Minutes program is hosted by puppets that try to cover the current news, but fail. The main characters are the egocentric and ignorant driver Tulio Triviño, a kind of woolly monkey; the controversial star reporter Juan Carlos Bodoque, a red rabbit interested in environmental care with a controversial private life, and the floor coordinator responsible for the realization of the program Juanín Juan Harry, a unique white and furry specimen of his kind.

Other characters are Patana Tufillo, eternal reporter in practice with detective skills, who is Tulio’s niece; Policarpo Avendaño, entertainment critic and presenter of the show’s musical ranking; Mario Hugo, a reporter who covers daily news and has a great affection for canines, and Sock with Diamonds Man, the frayed superhero who defends children’s rights.

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