Werevertumorro confesses to Yordi Rosado

Youtuber Gabriel Montiel, better known as “Werevertumorro”, told everything about his past and how he managed to go from earning $15 on the video platform to becoming one of the best content creators in the world.

During an interview he offered for the Yordi Rosado channel, Werever recalled his beginnings, when he was studying communication at a high school in Mexico City and uploaded his assignments to his YouTube channel with no intention of earning money until he was summoned by the pioneer of the branch: the Yucatecan Tato Pozos, who spoke for the first time of monetizing a channel by creating videos as partners of the platform.

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«I worked in a publishing agency and at the same time I was making my videos, so I applied to be a partner and started making more videos, the day they told me ‘you can now earn money with this’ I started making many videos and I see and they were like 15 dollars, that is, of my 200 videos they were like 15 dollars”, Montiel said.

That experience, he said, motivated him to make the number of videos that paid him 6,000 pesos, which was the salary he had as an editor at the production house, but soon the scope of his videos led him to exceed that goal.

«It was when I told my friends ‘I can give you a wool to pull and give ideas and make videos and we are all working’ and already, in the end we were all studying and earning a little wool, “he explained about the creation of the group « W2m Crew”, made up of Luis Torres (Luisitorey) Federico Díaz (Fedelobo) Allan Martell (Criss Cross) Israel Rivera (Isra) Ricardo Lugo (Wereverwero) Alejando Montiel (Golden Scorpion) and Félix Meza (Fex), who became the most successful group of youtubers in Mexico.

After having established himself as one of the forerunners of content creation on the platform, Montiel confessed that even without new activity on his channel, the videos he made for several years since 2007 continued to monetize salaries of up to a thousand dollars a month. The amount of supporters that the blog and video game clips of him gained made the channel ranked number 9 in the list of the best youtubers in the world.

Currently “Werevertumorro” has 16 million followers despite announcing this year that they deleted all their videos after being hacked.

millionaire fraud

In total, he lost more than 10 million pesos after allying himself with who was his boss in the production house where he worked when he was not a youtuber.

Montiel said that together they created a production company for very popular youtubers of the time, including Yuya (with whom he also had a love relationship), Caelike, Los Polinesios and Germán Garmendia.

“Imagine having 2 percent of everything those channels generate!” he said.

Soon he and his group of youtubers began to give live shows, transferring the parodies they made in the videos to the face-to-face, but it was in this dynamic that when they realized that they were being part of a fraud, they lost their profits.

“For the shows, for example in the Mexicali Bullring, there were 7,000 people and I earned 4,000 pesos per show, I accepted because I had a very large stake in the company,” he said.

Also during the talk he also talked about his desire to be a professional soccer player and how he belonged to the second division of several Mexican teams. He also gave details about his relationship with makeup youtuber Yuya, who today has a son with singer Siddhartha.

“She is a super hard-working and focused girl, like we had things in common and we had a great time,” he said.

«I was super cool with her, we ended up because she was away and I started doing other things, she too and everyone went their own way. She is very well today and so am I.”

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Werevertumorro confesses to Yordi Rosado