Westerners condemn “parodies of referendums” organized by Moscow

Like Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, kyiv and its allies denounced, as of Tuesday, September 27, the “parodies of referendums” what do they see as the ballots for reunification with Russia organized in the Ukrainian territories it occupies?. The European Union insisted by denouncing, on Wednesday, elections “illegal”. Everyone is worried about the risk of escalation of the conflict on the ground, after the mobilization decreed by Vladimir Putinagainst the background of threats of nuclear confrontation, and assure that it is out of the question to recognize such annexations.

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During a session of the Security Council convened in the evening at the UN, the Ukrainian head of state castigated the imminent annexation by Russia of the regions of Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporijia and Kherson. These polls “are a cynical attempt to force Ukrainian men from occupied territories in Ukraine to be drafted into the Russian army to send them to fight against their homeland”, he denounced in a video message recorded from kyiv. “Russia’s recognition of “pseudo-referendums”, the implementation of the [même] scenario that in Crimea and yet another attempt to annex part of Ukrainian territory means that we do not have to discuss with the current Russian president”launched Mr. Zelensky, at a time when several countries, including China and India, are calling, unlike the West, for a resumption of dialogue between Moscow and kyiv.

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China’s crucial position

In the process, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, announced her intention, with Albania, to present in the coming days “a resolution condemning sham referendums, calling on member states not to recognize any changed status of Ukraine and compelling Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine”. But this draft text has no chance of being adopted by the Security Council, because of the Russian veto. Claiming that the referenda had been “transparent”, the Russian ambassador to the UN, Vassili Nebenzia, denounced, on Tuesday, the” surge of anger “ and the “propaganda” of the West whose only objective would be to “bleed Russia white” for the “submit to one’s own will”.

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Under these conditions, another draft resolution should be presented, at the beginning of October, before the General Assembly of the United Nations, where all of its 193 Member States sit. A way of circumventing and isolating Russia, in the spirit of the United States and European countries, which had already done so in March. At the time, the text demanding the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine, a week after the start of the invasion, had been adopted by a large majority, despite thirty-five abstentions, including those of China and India.

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Westerners condemn “parodies of referendums” organized by Moscow