“What a thrill to stage the Fenoglio theater”

Two couples, their love drama and, in the background, the English suburbs. This situation revolves around “Serenades in Bretton Oaks”, the show taken from the play by a young Beppe Fenoglio which will be staged on the stage of the Teatro Sociale in Alba by the Coincidenze Aps company. While waiting for the event, scheduled for Saturday 21, at 21 (bookings on www.beppefenoglio22.it), we wanted to offer our readers a preview by talking to some of the protagonists: the president of Coincidenze, as well as actress, Daniela Scavino, the director and actor Gianluca Rovagna and actress Marialuisa Cocito.

What can you tell us about the show in Alba?
«We will represent a different Fenoglio from the better known one: highly poetic, immersed in the dimensions of English literature of the late nineteenth century, which he loved. Moreover, this story was staged very rarely.

What message does it convey?
«A vision of social institutions that control and limit the freedom of individuals and the thematic vision of the difficulty, especially for poets, of living one’s time, whatever it may be, emerge. It is difficult to be an artist in the age of Fascism but also in a small provincial town in the 1940s».

What did you feel when staging this opera by Beppe Fenoglio?
«It was quite a challenge, because everything had to be built: the language and customs, but also the way of feeling. In some ways, it was a gamble: Fenoglio, in fact, places the story in a scenario with not so defined contours, if not those of the English-speaking village of the 1940s, without giving explicit indications from a scenic point of view. So tests and… proposals were needed. Fenoglio’s plot is instead very detailed on the emotional front ».

By the way: are you excited about the idea of ​​bringing this work to the Sociale di Alba in the year of the Fenogliano Centenary?

«For us actors of a company from Alba it will be a great emotion. In addition, doing it for the centenary of our citizen writer and with a rarely staged work fills us with pride and also with responsibility. Will we be understandable enough? Will we give the public the opportunity to get to know and perhaps become passionate about a lesser-known part of production? The Sala Marianna Torta Morolin del Sociale, then, has a timeless charm, like a small ship: we hope to be good helmsmen. In short, we will live a decidedly “thrilling” situation, as Fenoglio would say ».

The anniversary does not concern only Fenoglio, but also your company, which has just celebrated its tenth birthday.
«Yes, last October 12 we celebrated our first ten years in business. Looking back, we think of the operas brought to the stage. We have always tried to make choral productions, putting ourselves all on stage (we are about twenty) and often opting for amusing texts, such as the “Oval Bed” by John Chapman and Ray Cooney, “I’m always a year late” by Corrado Vallerotti – Shakespearean parody which is our workhorse of comedy -, “Effetti Collaterali” by Alessandro Martorelli – champion by number of stagings – or, again, “All the truths of Freud” by Stefania de Ruvo».

How do you describe yourself?
«We are first of all a group of friends, immediately after a “pack” of actors, each in their own way. We share the same passion and together we try to create good emotions through theatre. We are all trained actors, most of us through courses at the Teatro delle Dieci and the Accademia Attori, professional schools in Turin. The strong input of this training is a care of the form, as much as possible, and we try to put it in all aspects. Every summer we have crazy fun collaborating on Notturni delle Rocche, a situation that allows us to write a script from scratch, like the one we composed last summer on Beppe Fenoglio’s English, Asfodeli and Daffodils. We threw ourselves headlong into that little adventure too, the warmth of the public rewarded us».

We close with a message for those who would like to experience the emotion of the stage, perhaps together with you: what do you feel like saying?
«Theater really gives the possibility to express emotions that are unique in their kind. It’s not rhetoric. All of us “coincidents”, in our free time, have different interests, but we couldn’t be without going on stage periodically. It is a cure but also perhaps a kind of vice or “illness”. Acting allows you to get in touch with all the emotions and sensations of the human being: everyone should try acting at least once in their life».

“What a thrill to stage the Fenoglio theater” – www.ideawebtv.it – ​​Online newspaper of the province of Cuneo