What are they and how did the viral “dabloons” of TikTok come to be?

Dabloons are the fictitious currency that is exchanged for fun on TikTok (Tiktok/@thedarioshow, @offical..dabloon..fbi and @millos999)

In TikTok trends emerge every day, but none had created a “own economy” within this social network until the arrival of the dabloonsa fictitious currency with which you can do all kinds of exchanges just for fun.

Through viral videos, hundreds of young people and adolescents “give away” dabloonsothers assure that their coins have already been “stolen”, there are also those who “Do you sell” objects and of course, there are Internet users who are already beginning to worry about the “inflation” and the “poverty”just like in real life.

In the English-speaking community, it all started with a black cat meme (Twitter/@Fvntxy_)
In the English-speaking community, it all started with a black cat meme (Twitter/@Fvntxy_)

It is a simulation of the global economy but in digital form and without any value outside of TikTok. East role playing game It was started by the English-speaking community, but it has already reached users in Latin America.

The audio with which the trend went viral —and the one used by people who have dabloons — is the accelerated version of My Singing Monsters of Cold Island, which is part of a video game RPG (Real Player Game, that is, a role-playing game).

Originally, the cat's fingers indicated the amount of "dabloons" (Screenshot)
Originally, the cat’s fingers indicated the number of “dabloons” (Screenshot)

The trend gained strength after November 22 on TikTok, in just over 48 hours, there are already at least 85 thousand videos created with the same audio, but content has already been published using different songs and sounds.

the videos of dabloons they started with the meme in which a cat gives away these dummy coinsjust like in video games that have missions in a virtual world and as progress is made, the player finds characters who assign tasks, sell weapons, give away objects, take a hostile attitude, ask for help or even give advice and clues.

In accordance with Know Your Memethe black cat meme emerged in 2021 on an Instagram account, but it was not until November 2022 when it gained strength on TikTok, strictly speaking it was just about give and receive dabloons (coins)but people quickly used their imagination to make the game more complex and enjoyable. collective gameWell, you can now sell things and then make videos about the large amount of money accumulated.

“I don’t know how to explain to my parents that I gave away 5 thousand dabloons, I have a mission, I’m an adventurer, I had a mansion but I lost it and that all this that happened was because of a black cat that gave me my first 10 dabloons”, it was possible read in the video of a young netizen.

It should be noted that the presence of this currency on TikTok puzzled more than one Internet user, since not all people are familiar with role-playing games like Catan either Dungeons and Dragons (the one that appears in the first chapter of the Serie stranger things).

Although it would be impossible to monitor that all the participants of this collective game respect the rules, some parody accounts have already emerged that claim to be the “FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) of the dabloons”because there are people who are causing inflation by giving away too many coins in the same video or do not take into account that they must account for their TikTok dabloons.

Among the “conventions” of the rules of this invented economy are:

-You cannot offer more coins than you have

No more than 100 dabloons can be given away in a single video.

Originally, the number of dabloons awarded was closely related to the number of fingers the black cat had, these felines —in the English-speaking community— greeted netizens with a “Hello traveler, take 10 dabloons and listen”.


What are they and how did the viral “dabloons” of TikTok come to be?