What do Celine Dion, Coco and Le Flambeau have in common?

SOCIAL NETWORKS – On TikTok, one trend chases another. There are so many that it is quite easy to forget them. Song, taken from movie or of seriesthe slightest sound is an excuse to make a video on this platform and can go viral through the magic of the internet.

Annick is a circus worker », A poco loco, jiggle jiggle… Where do all these sounds come from? As you can in the video at the top of the article, we decided to look for the origin of the most viral sounds of the year 2022.

jiggle jiggle

jiggle jiggle from Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux is one of the world’s top app. The music has been used in over 6 million videos. But where does it come from? The one used on TikTok is a remix made by the music group Duke & Jones which dates from April.

They used an interview with English journalist Louis Theroux, which dates from February. He was a guest on the YouTube show Chicken Shop Date presented by Amelia Dimoldenberg. But the origin of the song goes even further. In fact, the English presenter asked Louis Theroux about his rapping abilities and in particular if he remembered this particular piece of rap.

Louis Theroux wrote jiggle jiggle in 2000, for Weird Weekends, a program in which he rubbed shoulders with groups of people far from his habits. It is in this context that he tested the profession of rapper, jiggle jiggle dates from more than 20 years ago.

Since the remix, jiggle jiggle has become the soundtrack for a TikTok choreography that appeals to stars such as members of the South Korean group Blackpink or even Megan Thee Stallion.

Annick du Torch

The flame and The torchseries by Jonathan Cohen, are a gold mine for memes. The one that interests us the most comes from Torch, released in May 2022 on Canal+. The sound is taken from the first episode of the series which parodies adventure shows like ” Koh Lanta “.

This is the presentation ofAnnick “circus worker”, character embodied by Laura Felpin and who seduced a large part of the public. His portrait is commented on by the Presenter interpreted by Jérôme Commandeur. The actress was already playing a character of the same type on her Instagram account in July 2020.

His famous ” La vida que loca, loca esta la vida has conquered thousands of people on the platform. The trend is to wear rather loose and colorful clothes, or to play the role of a so-called circus artist.

Another one thank you »

This TikTok trend is perhaps the easiest to replicate. This is a video from the American content creator “nasfromthegram”. In this video from February, we see him doing a countdown saying ” another one thank you ” (” eanother thank you ”) with a phone notification sound in the background.

It was quickly diverted to illustrate “POV” (” point of view », « Point of view “: recurring trend on TikTok), such as “POV” of all bank withdrawals that arrive at the end of the month.

It’s all coming back to me now

Celine Dion is also the source of popular videos on TikTok. This is more precisely its title It’s all coming back to me now which is trending. However, it is not the easiest to do. It requires lighting, a fan, acting skills, a microphone and above all volunteers.

The goal is to arrive on the screen in pajamas and then reveal an outfit of rhinestones and sequins while playing the diva on a few lyrics of the song. And sometimes there are a few hiccups: not everyone can be Celine Dion. Moreover, the Canadian singer has reposted several videos on her TikTok account. ” Very happy to see music and magic come alive in your living rooms! Carry on! “, comments his team.

A poco loco

This trend is an excerpt from a movie song coconut, a Disney released in 2017. It tells the story of Miguel, a boy passionate about music, who is not allowed to do so since he is banished from his family. In this film, young Miguel sings Un poco Loco (“ a little crazy “).

The account ” bestspedup posted a sped-up version of the song, contributing to one of TikTok’s most popular things. So users decided to take this sound by illustrating the things that drive them crazy.

Actor Anthony Gonzalez lent his voice to Miguel Rivera. At the time he was about ten years old. He too has taken part in the trend by throwing a small spade at those who ask him to sing the song with the exact same voice.

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