What to see on HBO Max: Christian Bale made one of his most successful performances in this boxing drama from the director of ‘Amsterdam’

Making another of his characteristic physical transformations, the actor gave himself body and soul to a film that gave him his only Oscar to date. On the Warner platform we can see the result in the remarkable ‘The Fighter’.

An intense and powerful sports drama that was one of the little movie sensations the year it was released. With a director still enjoying a good reputation and a dream cast that won two Oscars interpretations, was really acclaimed in the industry, by critics and also by the public. It can be said that The Fighter was a success.

To this day, this boxing drama that we can see on HBO Max is still the best film in the filmography of David O. Russell, who is now back with his new film Amsterdam. In it he meets Christian Bale, one of the great actors who also appears in this cast that includes Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo. Everyone offers their best version to make this story based on real events shine.

The action takes place in Massachusetts during the 1980s. Dicky Eklund, Bale’s character, emerged there, a local celebrity due to his incredible rise in the world of boxing, although with many problems due to his temperament and his addictions. In his heyday he had been the pride of his hometown for once knocking down world champion Sugar Ray Leonard, but then he sank in a dangerous mix of drugs and crime.

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Now he tries to redeem himself for his mistakes by trying to train his brother Micky Ward (Wahlberg), a great boxing promise who, although he follows the advice of his family, gets into fights that he cannot win and unable to fulfill their potential. After a horrible fight, Micky begins to really consider the advice of his new girlfriend (Adams) and begins to distance himself from his family.

Wahlberg is the true protagonist of the story, and he puts in incredible physical work to be a powerful presence in the combat rings. However, it is Bale who ends up dominating every scene and steals the camera’s attention from O. Russell at all times thanks to his magnetic interpretationaccentuated by mannerisms and an incredible physical transformation in which he lost 30 pounds before shooting began.

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In other actors it could perhaps be tendencies that are exaggerated or even parody, but in Bale they are part of a process that then gives convincing results. That electricity on screen ended up translating into an Oscar for best supporting actor, the only one of his career and the second the film received along with Melissa Leo’s also deserved award in the same category but for female performers.

The actors were acclaimed at awards, but also by critics who recognized the virtues of the film, such as its care in showing an intense family drama or the good work in sports drama codes, including fights. Its simplicity is not separated from a very careful and remarkable visual work. A proposal that the public knew how to appreciate, turning it into a hit with $129 million grossed worldwide. Quite a left hook to the pit of the stomach.

You can see fighter on HBO Max. Also on Movistar+.

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What to see on HBO Max: Christian Bale made one of his most successful performances in this boxing drama from the director of ‘Amsterdam’