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Comedian Leo Harlem stars in a new space. / movistar plus+

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Spaces for humor, the return of a classic, documentaries and films… the recommendations for today

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Today we can congratulate ourselves on the return to La 2 of ‘Cachitos de hierro y plomo’, a classic that mixes the best of RTVE’s music archive with acid and very funny humor. In addition, Leo Harlem returns to the charge with his monologues on Movistar Plus +, while the History Channel delves into secret societies. AXN offers the third season of the series ‘Transplant’ and already at dawn, Movistar Plus+ broadcasts the Golden Globes gala.

Virginia Díaz, presenter of the program. /


2, 9:00 p.m.

‘Little bits of iron and lead’

new chapters of
different themes who will dive into the RTVE music archive to recover the best, seasoned, as always, with the most daring and hooligan labels. In the first program, ‘
Self help’, they leave behind the excesses of the holidays to seek happiness, ironically but affectionately, through music.

Do you want to recover your self-esteem, reduce your sensitivities, recover the helm of your life and achieve everything you set your mind to?
Virginia Díaz becomes your spiritual guide. On this path, they will appear to us from Estopa to Hombre G, passing through Kase.O, Los Stop, Guille Milkyway, Raphael, Gabinete Caligari and Pau Donés, among many others.

In addition, the broadcast of each new chapter of ‘Cachitos’ will be complemented by a
rescue of old seasons. Every Tuesday there will be a double session, signs and music during
two hours.

Movistar Series, 01.00 hours

Delivery of the Golden Globes

The awards
early risers of the Hollywood industry, considered the prelude to the Oscars, are delivered at the
early morning from Tuesday 10 to Wednesday 11 January and will be hosted by comedian Jerrod Carmichael.

A ceremony that will be broadcast, one more year,
live and exclusive in Movistar Plus+. The broadcast of the red carpet and the ceremony will have live comments by Cristina Teva and Laia Portaceli and can be followed by Premieres on M+ and Series on M+.
The summary of the gala can be seen the following day at Premieres on M+.

The documentary is divided into six chapters. /

history channel

History Channel 9:55 p.m.

‘Secret Societies’

There are secret societies
all over the world and for centuries. They meet for mysterious purposes in crypts and clubs, under lock and key, and also in the darkest corners of the internet.

Each of the six episodes of this series delves into the murky history of a secret society: the knights.
Templars, Freemasonsthe Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the
illuminatithe Skull and Bones and Le Cercle.

How were they born? What is your mission? Did they get to drive
the levers of power Or was his purpose to destroy those who rule? What rituals and oaths have its members performed and what
famous characters have you been part of them?

And what is more important,
what remains of these organizations? Is it possible that some groups, no matter how archaic,
keep operating in the shadow?

Harlem does monologues that dismantle the excess motivation from his point of view. /

movistar plus+

#0, 9:30 p.m.

‘Leo Talks’

parody of pep talks, carried out by the humorist Leo Harlem, with an objective totally contrary to the positive and motivational tone that the originals give off. On stage, in front of a big screen and surrounded by an audience, Leo presents a daring and impressive thesis aimed at
throw down many concepts and realities that invade our lives.

A hilarious point of view that addresses issues such as
paternity, the fascination for entrepreneurship, the cult of the body, hyperactive leisure, excessive celebrations or the technological invasion that we live. Leo is accompanied
chariyour “next-generation virtual assistant”, and the humor of the comic
Patricia Mirrorwho supports the theories of the monologist by telling his own experiences.

The talks are also supported by
testimonials and news They raise more important questions than we might think. Ultimately, the comedian intends
discourage the whole world when undertaking any action aimed at vital improvement. Do you really want to become an Iron man? Don’t worry, Leo will make them go away.

youths friends of
Seattle are exposed to a
mysterious substance in a forest and, as a result, begin to develop
amazing powers like moving objects and even flying.

So they decide to work together to
hone your skillsbut the difficulty to control such tempting powers will create a series of personal problems of
unforeseeable consequences.

The actor Hamza Haq gives life to the Syrian doctor Bashir Hamed. /


AXN, 9:00 p.m.

‘Transplant’ S3

Dr. Bashir Hamed (Hamza Haq) is a
brilliant doctorspecialized in emergency medicine and trained in the
battlefield. Bash is forced to leave his native Syria, along with his sister Amira, to settle in
Canada as refugees.

In his new place of residence, Bash struggles to find a job in a hospital, but he doesn’t get it and only finds obstacles along the way. Until one day, unexpectedly,
his life turns upside down and fate gives him the chance to prove himself in the best hospital in Toronto (Toronto’s York Memorial Hospital).

#0, 20.23 hours

‘Tricks to live better’

Modern life doesn’t always suit us. we all want
be healthier, but with temptations everywhere and conflicting advice on how to eat, sleep and exercise,
It is very difficult know what health tricks we should believe.

Chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and English journalist Steph McGovern
try the latest recommendations about health to find out which ones are really useful and which ones have no scientific basis. They are on a mission to help us all fight back, revealing the easy solutions to drastically improve our diet, fitness, mental well-being, and even help us sleep better.

Zoe Williams, MD, tries to find clever and surprising ways to address some of the
biggest health concerns. Run tests to see what works and look for simple hacks to help you live better. Thanks to scientific experts,
This documentary helps us live better.

What to see this January 10