What’s real and what’s not in ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’?

    Movistar+ has launched in Spain the new movie Daniel Radcliffe, ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’a biopic about the king of musical parody.

    The film came to the small screen on December 30, and is going somewhat unnoticed due, in large part, to the general ignorance among the general public of our country about the figure of the musician “Weird Al” Yankovic. So much so that it was not even listed in our ranking of best movies of 2022.


    But who is Al Yankovic? Well, there are two answers to this question. There is the real story and that of ‘Weird’, the biopic about the king of parodies that, as it could not be less, is at the same time a parody of several of the highest grossing musical biopics of all time. Mixing both, we can ensure that Yankovic “technically may not be the best, but without a doubt he is the most famous accordionist in a very specific and concrete musical genre”. His are several of the most famous parodic songs in history such as ‘amish paradise‘ (Gangsta’s Paradise), ‘Like a Surgeon‘ (Like a Virgin) or humorous versions of Michael Jackson classics like ‘fat‘ (Bad) or ‘Eat It‘ (Beat It).

    However, while in real life Yankovic was supported by his parents from an early age and took accordion lessons, the film begins by stating that he had to escape to “illegal polka parties” to develop his talent. This is because the biopic, starring the actor from ‘Harry Potter‘ Daniel Radcliffe in a major transformation, is based on a sketch of ‘Funny or Die’ devised by the musician himself, a parody of his own life in which humor is above verisimilitude. This causes us to attend parties with guests impossible in time and space such as Pee-Wee Herman, Divine, Roger Deacon, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí.

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    Although, of course, for those of us who live on this side of the Atlantic and are not familiar with the singer or his career, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what is real and what is fiction in the story. For example…

    Did Al Yankovic and Madonna really date?

    ‘Weird’ asks us a torrid and conflicted romance between Daniel Radcliffe’s Yankovic and Evan Rachel Wood’s Madonna, but it all stemmed from the comedian’s imagination. Madonna never dated Yankovic. They haven’t even kept in touch, apart from the fact that, supposedly, through a friend of a friend, it was claimed that Madonna wanted a version of ‘Like a Virgin’. Therefore, if they did not go out together, nor was he manipulated by her to fall into alcohol, drugs, leave her group and fall into the hells of rock stars. Yankovic, in fact, is a teetotaler.

    Madonna is also an important part of another of the film’s subplots, in which the drug dealer Pablo Escobar tries to get hold of the singer’s services with bad arts and Yankovic responds with a spiral of violence against the Colombian cartel. And so we come to the following question:

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    Did Al Yankovic act for Pablo Escobar?

    Neither. Of course, Weird Al never had a confrontation with Pablo Escobar, nor did he meet him. However, the kidnapping plot in the film could be based on the drug lord’s plan to kidnap Michael Jackson, first by inviting him to give a concert for his son and then by holding the famous pop star for $60 million. of dollars.

    Michael Jackson was a big fan of Yankovicstated on several occasions that he enjoyed his music and, of course, gave him permission to cover his songs.

What’s real and what’s not in ‘Weird: The Al Yankovic Story’?