Who is ‘Negrito W’, one of the participants in the new season of ‘Masterchef’

Noodle rice with cheese and ripe slices with panela water. The preparation of this typical Valledupar dish in the ‘MasterChef Celebrity 2023‘ is guaranteed after the RCN Channel confirmed the ‘influencer’ vallenato Negrito W as one of the 24 famous that will be part of the new edition of this successful program.

Bold Wwhose given name is Ivan Ramiro Cordoba Lopezwill be the Vallenato and Caribbean representation in this renowned cooking contest that has enchanted national viewers for several years and that has officially started recording.

The 24-year-old content creator counts on Instagram with more than 261,000 followers and his videos and publications have a great reach on this social network.

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What few know is that the ‘W’ that adorns the remoquete that made it famous arose purely by chance. This is how his sentimental partner tells it, Daniela Trujillowho explained to THE PYLON How was Negrito W born?

“Really, they have always called him El Negrito, but that name was busy on Instagram, he had to wear ‘elnegritow’, that’s why he wore the ‘w’”he pointed.

Although it was the humorprecisely, the one that led him to be taken into account by the producers of the television program, now the vallenato promises to show his skills in the kitchen.

“When they wrote to him and confirmed that he would be in the program and he decided to go, he began to practice, to do this and that, to learn how to make ‘rissoto’, coconut rice, medium-rare meat, then he decided to study, because I really did not have the techniques that are needed for cooking as such ”, stressed his girlfriend.

Iván Ramiro Córdoba, who lives in the neighborhood San Antonio of the capital of Cesarstarted sharing content from 2018 on Facebook and Instagram, based on a political parody referring to the politicians Iván Duque and Gustavo Petro, which was quite well received.

From that time he decided to continue making videos, but without abandoning his studies in Environmental and Sanitary Engineeringcareer of which he is in the ninth semester at the Popular University of Cesar (UPC).

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“He is very spontaneous, dedicated, when he sets his mind to things he succeeds. This is a plus for him this year, he like content creator In networks, they always look for ways to change and improve, because people get bored easily, you don’t always have to stay with the same thing, this year we were looking at what projects and new things we were going to bring to the networks and this MasterChef thing opened up for us ”points out Daniela, sentimental partner of the young vallenato.

While the time for the ‘reality’ premiere arrives, Negrito W continues learning different recipes although he has already advanced his first menu: noodle rice with cheese and ripe slices with panela water. “Hopefully and my slices don’t burn, don’t miss this new adventure”wrote the ‘influencer’ on his Instagram account.

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Who are the 24 celebrities of ‘Masterchef’

This Wednesday the channel welcomed the celebrities who will participate in the new edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’.

On this occasion, artists, comedians, content creators, a presenter and a priest came to the kitchen, but only one of them will keep the title of the new MasterChef Celebrity Colombiawhich currently belongs to the actor Ramiro Meneseswinner in 2022.

In addition to vallenato, they will be: Mario Ruiz, one of the most important content creators in Colombia and who has thousands of followers on his social media accounts; the actor Julio Cesar Herrera, remembered for his role as ‘Freddy’ in the novel ‘I am Ugly Betty’; the actress Marcela Benjumeawho was recently participating as ‘La generala’ in the telenovela ‘Hasta que la plata nos separe’.

Another of the women will be Daniela Tapiaartist who won all the compliments in the telenovela ‘Leandro Díaz’ and with her will be Alvaro Bayonaexperienced film, theater and television actor.

Francisca Esteveza young actress from ‘The chosen granddaughter’, will be another of the participants in addition to Vargasvil, the comedian’s first name Crisanto Vargas.

Likewise, it will participate Natalia S.anintcomedian, impersonator, announcer, radio producer, scriptwriter and DJ.

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the presenter Diego Saenz will be another of the participants with his girlfriend Laura Barjumpresenter of The X Factor.

Karoll Marquez, Cartagena actor who was much loved for his role as ‘Reynaldo Maturana’ in ‘Nurses’, will now make viewers fall in love with his apron on MasterChef.

The actress Caroline Acevedo will also be present in the program, like the caleña Martha Isabel Bolañosknown as ‘La Pupuchurra’, for her role in ‘I am Betty, the ugly one’.

Juan Pablo Barraganactor known for playing ‘Monkey’ in ‘Lady, the rose seller’ and Zulma Rey, the young actress recognized for her role as ‘Ingrid Chávez’ in ‘Lala’s Spa’, will be part of the cast of the program.

The artist and comedian Adrian Parada and the Negrito Wcontent creator, promise to show off their cooking skills.

Safe Biassinirenowned film, theater and television actor, will come to put a spark in the ‘reality’, along with nela gonzalezactress who participated in ‘Pa Quererte’.

Velasquez Lightsan actress with a long history in the country will be cooking for the juries, together with the comedian catalina guzmanknown as Tasting with Boots.

Juliana Galvis, is another of the actresses who will be present in the program with Jairo Ordoñezthe famous actor who is ready to show another facet.

Finally, the father Walter de Jesus Zapatawill also cook in the 2023 edition of Colombia’s largest cooking contest.

Who is ‘Negrito W’, one of the participants in the new season of ‘Masterchef’