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Tim Burton’s Wednesday focuses on the titular Addams Family member, but most of the other iconic comic book characters also appear in the Netflix show, including Lurch. Although not a blood relative of the Addams, Lurch is as much a part of the family as the rest. The great Frankensteinian butler is short on speech but visually unforgettable, and it takes a special type of actor to fill the role. The performer should be physically imposing, have a deep voice, and speak their mind with little facial expression.

On Netflix’s Wednesday show Addams Family, Lurch is played by George Burcea. Although reports of his exact height vary, the actor is only a few inches tall by 6 feet. It would seem like a problem for the visual comedy of Lurch’s role in the Addams House, but Burcea is much bigger than the rest of the main cast. He has a low enough voice for the role and is good at music and dancing, in case that aspect of Lurch’s heritage is explored on the show. Burcea is also from Romania, which must have benefited the actor because Wednesday was filmed in Bucharest.

What movies and shows George Burcea was in before Wednesday

Prior to playing Lurch on Netflix’s Wednesday, George Burcea appeared in small roles in international film and television productions. These include Indian action film Singh Is Bliing, Italian vampire film Dampyr, and various works from the country of Burcea, Romania, including Bucharest’s English-language drama Closer to the Moon, starring Vera Farmiga, a regular in horror movies. He can also be seen in Channing Tatum’s Romanian TV parody Comrade Detective.

All the other actors who have played Lurch

Before George Burcea reprized the role of Lurch for Tim Burton’s Wednesday Show, a number of other actors portrayed Charles Addams’ hulking valet in various films and television series. Lurch was first portrayed onscreen in the ABC sitcom The Addams Family, which ran from 1964 to 1966. There he was played by 6-foot-9 American actor Ted Cassidy, who reprized the role in a 1977 Halloween special and for a cameo in the 1960s TV show Batman. He also voiced the same character for an animated appearance in a 1972 Scooby-Doo special followed by a spin-off of the Addams Family cartoon in 1973.

In the live-action theatrical films The Addams Family and The Addams Family Values, Lurch is portrayed by Dutch actor Carel Struycken. He raised the bar for character height, standing as tall as 7-foot-3, and was one of only two cast members to return for the direct-to-video sequel Addams Family Reunion. Other actors who have played Lurch include Jim Cummings, who is best known as the voice of Tigger in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh franchise, in a 1990s animated series. Canadian actor and stuntman John DeSantis, who as Ted Cassidy is 6ft 9in, completed this decade’s portrayals as Lurch in the sitcom reboot The New Addams Family.

More recently, prior to the casting of George Burcea on Tim Burton’s Wednesday Show, Lurch was played by Conrad Vernon in the animated films The Addams Family and The Addams Family 2. Vernon was also one of the directors behind both of these adaptations, and he voiced other characters in both installments, including the Spirit of the House. In the sequel, however, Lurch’s singing voice, for a rendition of “I Will Survive”, is performed by British composer Dominic Lewis. Lurch has also performed on stage for the Broadway musical The Addams Family and its touring productions of Zachary James, Tom Corbeil and Laughlin Grace.

Who plays Lurch on the Wednesday show? | Pretty Reel