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Now that James Gunn has become the leader of the DC Universe, it looks like anyone who worked with Zack Snyder is going to be out of a job, as the new leaders want to create and launch their universe. Obviously Ben Affleck and his Batman are dead. With that in mind, maybe it’s time for Affleck to join the MCU. Here’s why.

The MCU hasn’t hired a movie star in a while

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The MCU has gotten used to creating “movie stars” instead of casting them, because Natalie Portman might be the last real “movie star” they cast. Marvel has used big-name actors for unique villains, like Cate Blanchett or Christian Bale, but a solid movie star with plans for more than one appearance hasn’t joined their ranks in some time. Affleck could change that. We know he’s a good actor and has the star potential to host a movie (and franchise) all on his own.

There are rumors that he’s already in talks with the studio to play Dario Agger, but we think he’d be in the best position to play more well-known and important characters in the DCU (and we’re not talking about Multiverse Daredevil ). He could be a fantastic Dr. Doom, if age isn’t an issue, and they’re not trying to get a young cast for the Fantastic Four movie. Affleck would be good at playing the smart, single-minded scientist, because…well, he’s smart and sometimes single-minded. He could also be a great Norman Osborn if there are more Tom Holland Spider-Man adventures, or even The Silver Surfer in a galaxy-bound adventure.

He could direct an MCU movie

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Another way Affleck was introduced to the MCU is by directing one of his movies. He proved he could make great movies, especially one with a more human component and heart-pounding action. It could shoot one of the most grounded and exciting characters; someone like Punisher, or Daredevil, if he ever had a movie (the irony of him directing a Daredevil movie would also be kind of fun).

Affleck could probably direct any of the future films that Marvel has planned in Phase 6, and that would be a nice addition, as Marvel should have new directors stylized like him. None of the movies that have been announced are obviously suitable for him other than Fantastic Four (consolidating the idea that he’s also Dr. Doom). Kevin Feige knows the ideas and stories they’re up to that we don’t, so he could probably find the perfect movie for Affleck to show off his growing prowess in the director’s chair.

He can mix comedy and drama

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As the MCU evolved and more and more genres and galaxies were introduced, it became clear that any actor in the Marvel Universe must be able to do both comedy and drama. There are so many characters and tones, from Black Panther to Guardians of the Galaxy, that any actor should be able to play both, because there’s always a chance they’ll interact in the next reunion film. Affleck can mix genres with his eyes closed, as his filmography has proven time and time again. He can be serious, prankish, an action star, romantic, and he can even parody himself, so whatever the MCU throws at him, Affleck would be able to go all out.

He has experience playing superheroes

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The fact that he’s already been Batman and Daredevil gives Affleck something few people have when stepping into an MCU role: experience. He knows what to do and what not to do, giving him an inside, both as an actor and a director, that would help the whole universe because he knows what’s not working. Affleck drew attention for his performance as Batman, but his Bruce Wayne was perhaps his best, and he has enough green screen experience to be able to create a fun, surprising, and unique movie and character all at once. as an actor and director. He also knows what happens when you decide to become one of the world’s greatest superheroes after being Batman, so he’d probably be very conscious of the character playing, making sure it’s worth it for him. and Marvel.

He likes comics

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During his tenure as Batman, it was learned that Affleck was an avid comic book reader and collector. Affleck told USA Today, “So I have this pretty big collection of comics from when I was 10, 11, 12. I still have it,” he said. “It’s actually at my mom’s house in Boston. I thought it would be safe, and then at some point my mom was like, ‘Do you still want this?’ Of course, I still want them! They’ve been around for 30 years! What are you going to do, throw them away?! »

With that in mind, he might already have an obscure character he’d like to play, which makes for a left-turn surprise that makes perfect sense as an afterthought. Let’s not forget that Ant-Man was in the MCU as soon as he did because Edgar Wright showed interest in the character, not because Feige thought he was one of his greatest heroes. Things didn’t end well for Wright, but if Affleck decided he would be an amazing Iceman, Sebastian Shaw, or Cable, why wouldn’t that be a good idea if it fits the timeline and plans for Phase 6 or Marvel 7? Whatever Kevin Feige and Ben Affleck decide, we can’t wait, because we think having Ben Affleck in this universe would be the icing on the MCU cake.

Why Ben Affleck Should Join The MCU | Pretty Reel