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Sir Sean Connery starred in five James Bond films before he was fed up with the role – so why did the Scottish actor return to Diamonds Are Forever? Connery is known to have had issues with producers, namely Albert R. “Cubby” Broccoli, so it surprised many fans when he returned to the role for the sixth time in 1971, especially since he chose to skip 1969’s On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

It was while filming the fifth film, You Only Live Twice, that Connery became considerably disappointed in playing the role of 007. By this point, Connery was bored with the part and didn’t feel he was being paid enough to compensate for the loss. of intimacy he experienced. He was heavily harassed by Japanese photographers throughout the filming of You Only Live Twice. When Connery did not receive the requested pay rise, he quit the job, with On Her Majesty’s Secret Service featuring George Lazenby as James Bond for the first and only time.

Lazenby’s sole release as 007 was a commercial flop, grossing just $82,000,000 at the worldwide box office. This made it the fourth-worst Bond film in terms of commercial success, notably worse than You Only Live Twice, which grossed $111,600,000 and performed nearly twice as well at the domestic box office. Backers made it clear to bond producers that Connery needed to be brought back and that money would be no object. Connery was then lured into the role with a then-record salary of $1.25 million, reuniting with Goldfinger director Guy Hamilton for Diamonds Are Forever in 1971. Choosing not to focus on the killer of Bond’s wife in Majesty’s, Diamonds Are Forever bought out the franchise with resounding commercial success.

Why Her Majesty’s Secret Service didn’t introduce Sean Connery

You Only Live Twice included a hollowed-out volcano as the villain’s lair and, for the first time in the franchise, included starships actually going to space. The 1967 James Bond parody Casino Royale also hit theaters just two months prior, which meant many viewers were likely viewing You Only Live Twice through a mocking, parody lens, and given the nature explosive and larger than life. of You Only Live Twice, it wouldn’t have been difficult. The producers felt it was wise to bring back the next entry to earth for a mature, earnest and respectable 007 outing in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, without Sean Connery attached to the franchise. However, despite good intentions, it wasn’t what audiences were used to, nor was it what they wanted.

Connery clearly didn’t want to return as James Bond, as evidenced by his lackluster and underwhelming performance in Diamonds Are Forever. What Connery wanted, however, was the fortune from a salary he received for the film, which he allegedly donated to his own charity, the Scottish International Education Trust. However, Diamonds Are Forever was not Connery’s last appearance as James Bond. In 1983, four months after the release of Octopussy, Taliafilm released Never Say Never Again – not a proper Bond film, as it was not produced by Eon Productions like the others, it acted as a parody of the fourth Connery’s official release, Thunderball, and paid him $5 million.

The movie that made Sean Connery quit acting forever

While Diamonds Are Forever was the last James Bond movie Sean Connery appeared in, it wasn’t the movie that forced him into retirement. Connery had an illustrious career outside of James Bond, although the role was the main one he was known for. In 2003, the prolific actor was cast in a huge flop called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. The Victorian-era superhero movie was every bit as gruesome as the premise seems (despite that, it’s getting a reboot), and it was the final act for Sean Connery. Apparently Connery only took on the role since he was trying to broaden his horizons after turning down Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, but he announced his retirement after the film completely flopped at the box office. He had huge problems with the director on set, and the filming was quite difficult on its own. Although Diamonds Are Forever was his last time as James Bond in a film, he appeared to be voicing the character in a James Bond video game.

Why Sean Connery Returned To Diamonds Forever After Missing Bond 6 | Pretty Reel