Will “Alice in Borderland” have a 3rd season on Netflix? | The popular

Several days have passed since the launch of the second season of the series “Alice in Borderland” and the results are shown in Netflix platformshowing it as the most viewed streaming, now fans are wondering if there is a possibility of having a third season. Will we see more than ‘Alice’ and Usagi? We tell you the details, here.

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Let’s remember that the drama and suspense series Alice in Borderland, is based on the story of a manga that bears the same name, created by Haro Aso. It is presumed that the name would be a gloomy parody of the illusionary world of the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, considering that in English it is “Alice in Wonderland” and only a few letters changed.

Will “Alice in Borderland” have a 3rd season?

So far, the netflix platform has not revealed details about a new production of another season over Alice in Borderland. We must consider that the second part was recently released on December 22, so the producers must be enjoying the success of their work.

It is important to clarify that the real manga of Alice in Borderland it has 18 volumes that have 87 chapters, so they could easily continue the story based on the original material, without having delays for the writers to think of new content for Netflix.

To this must be added that, in the finale of the second season of Alice in Borderlandall the players return to the real world, presumably being affected by a meteorite, keeping them unconscious for a few minutes that seemed like an eternity to them, but in the final scene, a Joker card appears, which could turn the story around.

Will “Alice in Borderland” have a 3rd season on Netflix? | The popular