Writing, filming, constraints, competing channels, authorizations…: Camille Combal reveals behind the scenes of “La Grande Incruste 2”

MAINTENANCE – The 41-year-old host is back with a new issue of his parody show this Tuesday evening.

Almost two years after its launch, Camille Combal comes back with a second number “The Great Inlay” . With 5 million viewers, or 22.3% audience share, the TF1 host went even further by taking on the appearance of 60 characters. A feat of which he agreed to reveal the secrets.

LE FIGARO. – Why has it been so long since the first issue of “La Grande Incruste”?
Camille Combal. – Because it’s the show of maturity (laughs). No just kidding. Because it takes so long! It’s terrible, it’s a program in which we embed ourselves in a lot of other shows. The principle is that we are with the real actors, on the real sets. It would suit us if everyone shot between November and January, that way we would do everything in three months. But unfortunately this is not the case. The filming of Josephine guardian angel took place in May 2021, that ofHPI last January… We are dependent on the filming schedules which are kind enough to welcome us. So inevitably, it was spread over eighteen months.

Tell us about the genesis of these sketches…
It’s not a show of parodies but of inlays. The subject is to enter and disrupt the real sets so we look at what we can do, what we have access to, what is possible to shoot. To do this, we call all the prods, everything that turns. For example, when we launched the second issue of “La Grande Incruste”, we missed the filming of female fighters . Depending on that, we write a pitch, a little synopsis of what we would like to do that we send to the production and to the actors. When they are OK, we write a sketch. We work on it for a long time with them so that everyone is very comfortable and that it looks like what they could say. Because’Audrey Fleurot must remain in his character, it must correspond. Mehdi Nebbou (HPI, editor’s note) can very well make us notice: “That’s funny but my character wouldn’t say it”. As we are not in a parody, the actors and the animators remain in their role.

How many people are working with you on writing these sketches?
I work with my friend Abdoul and two other authors. Then, depending on the sketches, we have the support of two or three other authors. Everyone has their specialty.

What is the main constraint of investing in film sets?
We are also dependent on the days of shooting. The hardest part is really getting into them because in general it’s very tight. We try to organize ourselves to have time available because we need several hours. It takes a lot of extra work for them. For “Ninja Warrior”, they shoot with real contestants from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. To shoot our sketch, they had to find us a niche.

It doesn’t always go the way you planned…
Initially, in HPI, we were supposed to shoot at a crime scene. It missed the schedule because they couldn’t receive us and asked us to come two weeks later where the filming was happening in the police station. We were very happy to have additional authors because everything had to be rewritten.

How long does it take to shoot a sketch?
It depends. When we invest in a film set, we try to make the most of their schedule so as not to bother them too much, so let’s say around two or three hours. When it’s sketches that we do 100% us, where we reconstitute a set like “Large families: life in XXL”, we take advantage of it so we take more time. The intro with Thierry Lhermitte, Olivier Baroux and Alice David took us five or six hours.

How do you invest the trays?
That’s what I find super interesting. We have our teams, we wrote, we storyboarded, we pretty much know what we want to do. Once on set, we use all their technical means so that the sketch is as similar as possible. It’s really shot the same way. This is why upstream, we wrote to each other with the incarnates to see if the texts suited them. We also work with the director on the cutting of the sketch. He is the director of Josephine, guardian angel who made the sketch, Tristan Carne took time for us to do the “Ninja Warrior” sketch.

Do their names appear in the credits at the end of the show?
It’s a bit beyond me, but I’m pretty sure it is.

That means they get paid…
Yes of course. We pay them compensation for the time spent with us. Every job deserves pay!

With all the sketches that “La Grande encruste” counts, what budget does it represent to pay all these people?
It’s a big budget. This is the kind of filming that is expensive. The incarnations – Audrey Fleurot, Denis BrogniartChristophe Beaugrand… – do it with pleasure but luckily we pay the directors, the assistant directors, the coordinators, the lighting designers… Afterwards, they are super accommodating, they are all very cool, they give us prices for a small prod’ like us.

What’s new this year?
For the first issue, we remained 100% TF1. This year, we managed to embed ourselves in big programs from competing channels either thanks to a green screen or because we recreated an entire set.

Why did you use a green background or recreate a set?
We do not have access to the filming of other channels. It’s not even that we got a “no go” but we know that’s not possible. I would love to go and mess with it Cyril Feraud on France 3, with Karine Le Marchand on M6 or with Stephane Plaza in “Search apartment or house”. It’s tricky, we are in a competitive climate that is certainly healthy but competitive all the same. It’s a bit like OM asking to train with PSG for a week because they are in Paris.

If so, did you have to ask for permissions?
It’s a parody so we can do whatever we want.

Were there any sketch ideas that were turned down?
The sketch of “Teleshopping” was hard to climb. Of course, we couldn’t denigrate and say “That sucks” Where “At “Téléshopping”, we only sell things that don’t work”. So we had to do it in good understanding with the production, the actors but also the rights holders.

How long does it take you to transform?
The character in Here it all starts took two or three hours of make-up. The longest part is changing hair. It doesn’t matter to go bald or the hair starts in the middle of the head, it takes a lot a lot of time. We also do more grotesque things, especially on green backgrounds where sometimes with a wig, we make four characters. That, we love. On C8, that’s what I did, we didn’t have too many resources but we had fun with a wig that made six characters.

Are you already working on a third issue?
For this second, we went around everything. If one day the show were to come back, it would really have to be with programs from other channels.

Following the first issue of “La Grande Incruste”, you were accused of plagiarism…
I was told about it but I haven’t heard from them at all. This is an exercise I used to do ” Do not touch My TV ! ». I was already doing it on W9, it’s something I’ve always liked to do. I’m not trying to pass myself off as the originator of that, it’s something that’s been done for a long time, since the green screen has existed. Billy Crystal did it at the Oscars in 1986, Anthony of Caunes did it at the Césars several times, Florence Foresti also did it at the Césars with John Travolta.

What show will we see you on?
“Camille and Images” will come back. We are also awaiting the validation of the casting of celebrities for new bonus numbers.” A gold family”. I don’t want to wear my eye, I touch my wooden desk but normally it should come back. We don’t force ourselves to come back, we just try to have a cast that could really surprise and please viewers.

With all the projects you are multiplying, how do you manage to reconcile your professional life and that of a young dad?
The best that I can. This morning, for example, my working day was supposed to start at 9 a.m. but it started at 10:45 a.m. because the nanny was stuck at La Défense. In addition, the little one had vomited on me so I had to change my t-shirt at the last moment. There is nothing exceptional in what I say. With my wife, we want to have as ordinary a life as possible. We are very happy like that and we only campaign for the rest.

Often public figures recognize, many years later, not having taken enough care of their child… Or these same children also say so…
He won’t be able to say that or else he’s really an ingrate. He’s not yet old enough to speak so I’m taking advantage of it, but when he does, if one day he does an interview with Mireille Dumas, “Low the masks”, and he says that I haven’t occupied with him, it will be an ingrate!

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Writing, filming, constraints, competing channels, authorizations…: Camille Combal reveals behind the scenes of “La Grande Incruste 2”