Zalone explains Putin in Bitonto: curtain on “Love + VAT”

There is the story “of a lady who wanted to adopt a Ukrainian family, but was desperate because they were finished: the non-profit organization had told her that only the Syrian ones were left. It is that slightly bourgeois hypocrisy that pervaded us in February ». But also that of “a rainbow family that adopts a child in an orphanage in Predappio: how will it end?”. And then the issue of migrants, “the issue of integration approached from the point of view of Mendel, father of genetics”. The war, “with an unpublished Putin, between a quote from Chaplin’s Great dictator and the Bitonto dialect, or rather a grammelot among the Apulian provincial accents that resembles Russian”. The theme of women, “with a part of healthy machismo, because we have a woman in government and the public appreciates it very much”. And the new executive? «I didn’t see the TV, I was preparing the show. I was positively impressed by Giorgia Meloni’s communication skills ».

Desecrating flicker, politically incorrect mockery, after the success in Sanremo with the anti-homophobia fable and the parody of the virologist worried about the end of the pandemic, Checco Zalone returns to embrace the public in theaters and palaces throughout Italy with the new one man show, Love + VATwritten with Sergio Maria Rubino and Antonio Iammarino, which debuts today at Palazzo Wanny in Florence, then touches Bologna, Conegliano, Trieste, Ravenna, Turin and the Arcimboldi of Milan for three weeks over the Christmas period.

Produced by Arcobaleno Tre and Mzl, with the general organization of Lucio and Niccolò Presta, the tour – which brings the actor back on stage eleven years after Rest Umile World Tour and it will go on for a year – it has already reached 100,000 tickets sold only on the Ticketone platform.

«This show is a ted one: I’m talking about adoptions, civil rights, burning issues. You don’t get bored. I am not afraid of criticism, I expect controversy on social media: however, there are no social networks, but I understand that this feeds the debate », says the Apulian Zalone in Florence on the eve of his debut. “Have I ever suffered from controversy?” Only once, when I did an imitation of Misseri and I regretted it: maybe I was wrong, it was excessive. From there I learned to limit myself, drawing a line between what is nice and what is inappropriate ».

Does love have a price, the title suggests? «I would be very vulgar: love has different prices», smiles Luca Medici. “Actually, I borrowed a phrase from John Lennon, the love you give is equal to what you receive: in short, it’s a game of lap.” Compared to Rest Umile World Tour, «Today it is much more difficult to find prey, the characters who are given to social media are less interesting. Then the apex was the imitation of Saviano, who at that moment was untouchable there. Today this is no longer the case, it is very difficult to make people laugh without being banal, obvious », he underlines. And he still dodges questions about the new government: «I hope it makes my job more interesting. When Berlusconi was in vogue, he gave a lot of food to eat. I hope there is a new Berlusconi … I expect a lot ». He winks at young people with the character of Ragadi, the not very rich man also seen at Ariston, “but I also laughed a lot about maestro Muti: I spend my nights watching his lessons on Rai5, he flies very high though”.

Recordman of cinema receipts with over 220 million raised with his films (I fall from the clouds, What a beautiful day, Catinelle sun, Where am I going? And Tolo Tolo), Zalone also intervenes on the crisis of our cinema at the box office: «I didn’t go to see Italian films. Of course, platforms have multiplied, the contents are probably not up to par with the containers: my 70-year-old analog mother goes nonchalantly on Prime or Netflix. But it’s their cocks, now I deal with theater ».

As a “missed pianist” (“I have no luxury goods, except a piano that – he laughs – we only have Pippo Baudo and I”) on stage he will also offer unpublished songs: “I was inspired by Vincenzina and the Jannacci factory and I thought about current Vincenzine, le influencer attached to the mobile phone: this is how Vincenzina and the smartphone were born. And then Arteriosclerosis: it is the story of two people of eighty who renew their love every day because they do not recognize each other. I wrote it for Celentano and Mina, I don’t know why they didn’t want to sing it ». No encore, however, in Sanremo: “I would pay for him to return to the festival, but he won’t,” assures Lucio Presta.

Zalone explains Putin in Bitonto: curtain on “Love + VAT”