Zootopia+ review: the perfect complement to the film

Upon its release in 2016, Zootopia quickly became one of my Disney favorites. I didn’t expect to go to the cinema in my late twenties and love an animated film aimed at the youngest at first sight. The level of humor was excellent and I’ve been waiting for another adventure in the same universe for 6 years. Now Disney is granting my wish with Zootopia+, a series of 6 short films that vary between 6 and 9 minutes. Does it live up to the movie?

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Zootopia+ Data Sheet

Start date : November 9, 2022
Direction : Josie Trinidad and Trent Correy
Production : Nathan Curtis
Gender : Animation
Number of episodes: 6 episodes

Six parallel stories

Zootopia+ tells six parallel stories to the film that we could imagine as scenes cut during editing. However, they are so many qualities that they would undoubtedly have been part of the film. Each episode parodies, in some way, a very popular show or genre. For example, the mouse Fru Fru is back and we see all the preparation for his wedding. Of course, there is a lot of drama especially when her cousin Tru Tru tries to upstage her. The episode is obviously inspired by Real Housewives and of jerseyshore which makes the whole thing extremely comical.

Another puts us in the shoes of the sympathetic dispatcher at the Zootopia police station: Clawhauser who dreams of becoming a dancer in the Gazelle group. He is joined by the very serious Chief Bogo who does not really know what he has gotten himself into. In short, to see them participate in a program of the kind So you think you can Dance Where America’s Got Talent is tasty.

All six episodes have their own unique theme and it’s both concise and gripping from start to finish. For my part, I really fell in love with Mr. Big, who recounts his younger arrival at Zootopia as an Italian who arrives in America. In my opinion, it’s the perfect show for a family, because the parents will laugh with all the references while the children will love the very cute animals.


Almost all back

Then, Zootopia+ demonstrates how much potential its universe has since we see very little of the main characters of the film and the series is no less excellent. Indeed, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde only make small cameos while all the space is left to others. Frankly, each character does well and manages to deliver excellent individual episodes.

Moreover, all the actors of the original film, or almost, took over their voice in the English version. There is only Gazelle who is not played by Shakira and rather by Alisson Trujillo-Strong. It’s not very serious, because she sings very little. For the others, it’s great to find Idris Elba who plays Bogo or Maurice LaMarche who still lends his voice to the godfather of the mice: Mr. Big. As in the film, the voices are really well chosen with the animal that is represented. The same can be said with the addition of the excellent Michelle Buteau as Tru Tru.

Impeccable animations

Zootopia+ delivers its humorous side impeccably. I didn’t find that the creators had an easy formula or that they relied too much on deja vu. I sincerely think that the adults will like it as much as the children. But in short, the magic of all this goes through the voices of the actors, but also a lot through the quality of the animations.

Each character puts forward all the emotions they go through during the series. Their faces are very expressive as is their posture and the motion of their bodies. In addition, the creators of the series were able to transpose these characters to us in all sorts of varied environments. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing all the expressions of parent rabbits trying to catch up to their little bunny who accidentally boarded a bus.


Verdict on Zootopia+

To conclude, all that is unfortunately is that it is not longer. In total, it takes about 45 minutes to get through all 6 episodes and I really would have taken more. I hope the sequel is in the pipes soon. Creators must absolutely continue to have this perfect balance of humor for young and old.


Zootopia+ review: the perfect complement to the film

The script and the story


The decorations and the visual


Pleasure while watching


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Zootopia+ review: the perfect complement to the film