Interview with Donald Sassoon: “Liz Truss is a bad parody of Thatcher”

“She would like to imitate Margareth Thatcher, but of Iron lady, Liz Truss is a parody that has come wrong”. So a The Reformist one of the most authoritative English historians: Professor Donald Sassoon, pupil of Eric Hobsbawm. former full professor of Comparative European History at Queen Mary College in London. It proclaims that it … Read more

Imitations and parodies: F1 is increasingly popular |

Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc all in a circle with their eyes on a cell phone. The Ferrari and Red Bull drivers weren’t watching highlights of their prowess on the track, but as the Irish radio and TV imitator and host. Conor Moore he decided to imitate them “even managing to … Read more

Amarcord: Cosmi’s first Perugia, the condemned to the rescue


0 0 Read Time6 Minute, 42 Second “Never sell bear skin until it’s dead“Says an old and wise proverb. And we can say that in the world of football more or less the same maxim applies, because it is an unpredictable sport that often enjoys subverting predictions. For confirmation, ask the fans of Perugia and … Read more

The dark corner # 54


An extreme episode in almost entirely European colors: the Old Continent proudly shows its fangs. Algebra – Chiroptera (Unspeakable Ax Records) That Switzerland is known only for the production of precision watches, chocolates and cutlery appears to be an old-fashioned cliché: just look at the significant proliferation of bands in the extreme field to realize … Read more

Wall Street: Dow Jones jumps to +550 points, crude oil flies


US equities traded higher, with the Dow Jones gaining around 550 points on Wednesday. Get notified with the latest news, our articles and more! Follow us The Dow Jones gained 1.88% to 29,683.74, the Nasdaq 2.05% to 11,051.64 and the S&P 500 1.97% to 3,719.04. Rising and falling sectors Energy stocks were up … Read more

Crazy Travelers and Sleepwalkers by Enrico Valtellina


“To do caseis to take into consideration a situation, to reconstruct its circumstances – contexts – and thus to reinsert them in a story, which is called to account for the particular concatenation that makes a case of a singularity “, write Jean-Claude Passeron and Jacques Revel in Penser par cas. We will now try … Read more

Mandrake phenomenon, in Lecce the presentation of the first book “Imbarazzi”


His videos are viral. Impossible not to share his gags and not to see each other again in those “embarrassments” typical of the Salento families of the 90s. Behind the wigs of Mandrake there is Giuseppe Ninno, youtuber comedian from Brindisi, a popular phenomenon that has entered the homes of more than a million people. … Read more