” We can win ! »: 450 people at the special meeting for the battle of Permanent Revolution pensions

Photo credits: Permanent Revolution This Wednesday, the day after the day of massive mobilization of January 31 against the pension reform, nearly 450 people were present at the meeting organized by Révolution Permanente to discuss “how to win against Macron? “. In front of a full house, Adrien Cornet, CGT TotalEnergies activist from Grandpuits and … Read more

Joshua Kimmich, Bayern Munich’s (good) jack of all trades — foot11.com

A saving cannon shot signed Kimmich Bayern Munich did not start the year 2023 in the best way. Nagelsmann’s men have had a string of draws since the resumption of the Bundesliga. The first against Leipzig is understandable given the context of the return to competition and the opponent. The second did more task since … Read more

Squid Game: reality TV inspired by the Netflix series is already degenerating?

The “Squid Game” program was such a success that Netflix decided to launch a reality show based on the concept of the show. But according to the first returns of the shooting, the atmosphere would not really be in good shape! Squid Game : a phenomenon in its own right As a reminder, Squid Game … Read more

The giant balloon bearing the image of Donald Trump is due to enter the Museum of London

The Museum of London has carried out tests to verify the solidity of the balloon representing Donald Trump as a baby, exhibited by demonstrators hostile to the American president during his visit to the United Kingdom in June 2019. It is intended to integrate a collection presenting the symbols in the history of the British … Read more

Davos Forum, a Chinese company announces a blockchain project to become the “SWIFT” of stablecoins

Annual Davos World Economic Forum A SWIFT-like system for cryptocurrencies issued and regulated by banks was announced at the annual forum in Davos. The initiative comes from a company participating in the construction of the national blockchain project in China. In effect, a Hong Kong-based blockchain company launched a digital payments system aimed at bridging … Read more

This amendment of the MoDem on the 35h will not pacify the debates on the pension reform

JACQUES DEMARTHON via AFP Notary elected in the 2nd constituency of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Jean-Paul Mattéi takes the lead of the 47 Modem deputies in the National Assembly. This close friend of François Bayrou succeeds Patrick Mignola who was not re-elected in Savoie. JACQUES DEMARTHON via AFP Jean-Paul Mattéi is the president of the Modem group in … Read more

Assisted suicide: “What Olympus reveals to us about ourselves”

GRANDSTAND – The 23-year-old YouTuber has announced her intention to use active assistance in dying in Belgium. For the psychoanalyst Christian Flavigny, it is not a question of “a claim to be taken literally”. Christian Flavigny is a child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, associate researcher at the Thomas More Institute. His latest published work is Helping “transgender” … Read more