Parody Story: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

We all have ever heard, seen or read a parody. East genre has transcended its original format to be depicted in film and television. It may be a powerful critical weaponwhich also works to express admiration. What is its origin and history? From Greece to the world the greek philosopherAristotle, affirmed that Hegemon of Thasos … Read more

@DigameJuanjo: “For content creators, the World Cup is a golden opportunity” | teletic

The cocommunicator and publicist Juan José Fonseca, known on social media as @DigameJuanjo, joined Teletica’s efforts to cover the 2022 Qatar World Cup. “For content creators, the World Cup is an incredible opportunity because now there are Ticos from Qatar making very cool content and also people who couldn’t go, but from Costa Rica we … Read more

The embarrassing controversy of ‘La que se avecina’ due to the new appearance of Miren Ibarguren


Friday, the popular Spanish comedy The one that is coming kicked off its 13th season on Amazon Prime Video. In this new batch of fiction, the chapters will be available on Jeff Bezos’s platform before Telecinco after an agreement signed between both companies. In the first chapter, the series presented great innovations such as the … Read more

Tampax faces strong criticism for tweet that ‘sexualizes women’


Tampax is facing backlash over a tweet that social media users have criticized and accused the brand of “sexualizing women.” You are in their DMs. We are in them. We are not the same,” the menstrual products company wrote Monday. The post is a parody from online slang”slip in the DMs“, which is when someone … Read more

Wednesday (2022

Wednesday is the new series Netflix that comes to us from the hand of Tim Burton, Alfred Gough Y thousands thousand. It stars Jenna Ortega. With Catherine Zeta-Jones Y christina ricciwho interpreted the original Wednesday. “I don’t know whose macabre idea it was to put hundreds of adolescents in centers without a budget” Wednesday Addams … Read more

Turkey: Justice is done and the convictions of four human rights defenders are overturned


“The ruling by Turkey’s highest court of appeal overturning the baseless convictions of the Honorary Chairman of Amnesty International Turkey and three other human rights defenders is an immense relief, but it also highlights once again the political motivation of prosecutions,” Amnesty International said today. The judgment of the Court of Cassation on the conviction … Read more

‘An opportunity’, the funniest (and haunted) book by Pablo Katchadjian


review to Paul Katchadjian (Buenos Aires, 1977), just like reading it, it is always fun because each hypothesis that occurs to you as you advance to explain what each new book of his does begins to sound ridiculous very soon, like the impostures of a pedantic critic of which he himself text is preemptively mocked. … Read more