Everything Everywhere All At Once | Life, the Multiverse and everything

ROME – Framed and hung on the wall of director Daniel Kwan’s office in Highland Park is a work: History of Rise and Fall by Japanese artist Ikeda Manabu. It is an elaborate pen drawing depicting a swirl of pagodas, gnarled cherry branches and railroad tracks: «They give me a headache to look at.” Kwan … Read more

At the Teatro di Ittiri the pièce “Era l’oladola?” by Daniele Monachella and Carlo Valle

Saturday 4 February on the stage of the “Comunale” the lucky comedy finalist at Roma Comic Off 2018. ITTIRI. Meditate and have fun? That is the question. Indeed no: with the brilliant Shakespearean comedy “Was it the lark?” one can laugh and reflect at a brisk pace traveling on the terrain of the absurd and … Read more

Today on stage in Cagliari “The Puss in Boots” of the Teatro d’Inverno

The Extraordinary Adventures of “Puss in Boots” in the version of Winter Theater, todaySunday 29 January, at 6pm to the Intrepid Monelli Theatre Of Cagliari for the fourth appointment with the XX edition of “The Theater of Wonders”, the historic review dedicated to young people and families organized by the Actores Alidos Theater with the … Read more

Sun (2022) di Kurdwin Ayub

Sei anni dopo avere già ottenuto l’attenzione internazionale con il documentario Paradise! Paradise!, la regista di origine curda Kurdwin Ayub, nata in Iraq ma cresciuta a Vienna dove vive e lavora, esordisce al lungometraggio di finzione con Sun, intelligente mosaico di formati, app, paste dell’immagine, filtri, e linguaggi pop con cui ragionare su quanto possano … Read more

Is Cate Blanchett the greatest living actress? | Rolling Stone Italy

You will certainly have a favorite Cate Blanchett performance: if you have followed the Australian star throughout his thirty-year career, there are certainly some high points than others, according to your very personal yardstick. Perhaps you will choose one of her great dramatic tests: I think of Blue Jasminethe unstable heroine at the center of … Read more

Giornata della memoria: in sala e in streaming i film e i doc per ricordare le vittime dell’Olocausto

Tra grande schermo e piattaforme streaming, la memoria verrà preservata: è infatti all’insegna del documentario d’autore, del cinema d’animazione e del racconto storico il viaggio cinematografico nel segno del Giorno della memoria, che si celebra ogni 27 gennaio, in ricordo di tutte le vittime dell’Olocausto a opera della Germania nazista e dei suoi alleati. Dai … Read more

Call My Agent Italia, the hilarious monologue about school

In the second episode of the Sky Original adaptation of the French cult series Dix pour cent, the Oscar-winning “revered Master” offers us a reflection on school meetings between teachers, parents and children. A scene from the anthology of comedy “The meeting at school between parents and children is the closest thing to death”. As … Read more

Ciro Priello and Fabio Balsamo return to Tv8 at the helm of “Name that tune” | TV Smiles and Songs

One sings in the car at the top of his lungs, the other only does it in his head or in the stadium Solange Savagnone January 23, 2023 at 08:51 The video call with Cyrus Priello And Fabio Balsam it begins with their stolen kiss (on the cheek). “Got you!” i’m kidding. «Oh yes, we … Read more