Fuel prices: will Germans be banned from driving on Sundays?

The information could very well have passed in a newspaper of satyr or parody, but it is nevertheless totally real. In Germany there is the problem of energy supply, in a country which has been very resistant to certain international sanctions, while coal and oil are essential drivers of the powerful German industry. And to … Read more

La connerie est une énergie renouvelable Boulogne

La connerie est une énergie renouvelable Boulogne-la-Grasse, 10 juin 2022, Boulogne-la-Grasse. La connerie est une énergie renouvelable Boulogne-la-Grasse2022-06-10 – 2022-06-10Boulogne-la-Grasse 60490 Boulogne-la-Grasse   Le spectacle qui vous fait découvrir une nouvelle science : La connerilogie. Quand la connerie sera phosphorescente, la politique enfin éclairera notre chemin. La connerilogie, ou étude de la connerie, est pratiquée … Read more

‘Not Okay Bears’ NFT Collection Is Having Trouble

The Not Okay Bears collection hits the internet shortly after its launch. It has also become the top collection in NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare. However, after such a period of popularity, OpenSea decided to remove the parodied NFT collection from its marketplace. Official Not Okay Bears tweet about verification by Looks Rare The … Read more

Charlize Theron Talks Surprise MCU & The Boys Cameos

Charlize Theron talks about her surprise cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Going through Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – and The boys, which happened weeks apart. Based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Amazon Prime Video’s The boys is a satirical take on … Read more

Dijon. Benjamin Epps in concert at the VYV Festival on Saturday: “When I was younger, I wanted to become a footballer”

You discovered rap when you were a child, thanks to your brothers who were themselves rappers. What memories come back to you from this period? “I remember that day when my brother was going to do a battle, he didn’t want me to go and then my mother convinced him. It was my first time … Read more


For this new edition, the Great Children’s Day invites children and their parents to meet on Sunday June 19, 2022, in the Pathé and Gaumont cinemas. On the program: two films offered in preview, including one in exclusive preview, a legendary film to be (re)discovered by an entire generation on the big screen, entertainment, bonuses … Read more

The law of the series, a selection of “TéléObs”: “Stranger Things

♥️♥️ “Stranger Things – Season 4 – Part 1” American series by Matt and Ross Duffer (2022). Available on Netflix Starring Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown. The sequel after the ad It was worth the wait: three years after a sluggish third season, “Stranger Things” comes back to us more dashing. With an … Read more

“Guacamole Voodoo”, meeting at the top between Fabcaro and Éric Judor


Reading time: 2 mins Suggestive poses, bombastic replies, mushy or sleepy stories… In the collective imagination, the photo novel is not only an obsolete genre, but a sub-genre that should not be not even consider as a cultural object. In the name of the absurd A vision that omits that the golden age of the … Read more