If you liked (or not) Babylon, here are 11 equally electric behind

Dusk Boulevard (1950), by Billy Wilder babylon is a film about the rise and fall of a certain era in Hollywood. Dusk Boulevard is its perfect black counterpart, playing on the decadence and oblivion of a former star who has become paranoid, embittered and diabolical. Billy Wilder signs here one of his greatest films and … Read more

La Gaiata seis exalts its commission in a spectacular presentation

With an impressive setting, recreating a mayan templethe Gaiata Six, Farola-Ravalet, presented this icy Saturday to the members of its major and children’s commissions for the Magdalena festivities of 2023. Teresa del Carmen Cumba, Paula Garcia Y Adrian Gil, godmothers and child president together with Esteban Gualthe president, saw their dream come true and they … Read more

Les Simpson

Publie le 29 janvier 2023 Il est rare pour des séries de dépasser le cap des dix années d’existence, plus encore lorsqu’il s’agit d’une série d’animation. C’est pourtant l’exploit qu’aura accompli Les Simpson lors de cette dixième saison. Après des débuts plus que prometteurs et des saisons plus qu’excellentes, la neuvième saison des (Les) Simpson … Read more

Today on stage in Cagliari “The Puss in Boots” of the Teatro d’Inverno

The Extraordinary Adventures of “Puss in Boots” in the version of Winter Theater, todaySunday 29 January, at 6pm to the Intrepid Monelli Theatre Of Cagliari for the fourth appointment with the XX edition of “The Theater of Wonders”, the historic review dedicated to young people and families organized by the Actores Alidos Theater with the … Read more

The best carnivals in Spain

28.01.2023 – 12:12 p.m. Updated 01.28.2023 – 12:12 p.m. casacochecurro » Leisure – Technology » Trips » The best carnivals in Spain The traditional murgas in Tenerife and Extremadura, the great parades with costumes and costumes created for the occasion that are spectacular, the celebration of comparsas and the typical chirigotas that can be seen … Read more

Sun (2022) di Kurdwin Ayub

Sei anni dopo avere già ottenuto l’attenzione internazionale con il documentario Paradise! Paradise!, la regista di origine curda Kurdwin Ayub, nata in Iraq ma cresciuta a Vienna dove vive e lavora, esordisce al lungometraggio di finzione con Sun, intelligente mosaico di formati, app, paste dell’immagine, filtri, e linguaggi pop con cui ragionare su quanto possano … Read more

Who is ‘Negrito W’, one of the participants in the new season of ‘Masterchef’

Noodle rice with cheese and ripe slices with panela water. The preparation of this typical Valledupar dish in the ‘MasterChef Celebrity 2023‘ is guaranteed after the RCN Channel confirmed the ‘influencer’ vallenato Negrito W as one of the 24 famous that will be part of the new edition of this successful program. Bold Wwhose given … Read more