Melissa Paredes happy with her character of “girl of the happy life” in a film with Carlos Alcántara

Melissa Paredes assured that Carlos Alcántara called her to be part of his film. (Photo: Instagram) Melissa Paredes She is very happy to return to acting. The former beauty queen will appear in the film “Just like me” where he will act together with the renowned Carlos Alcantara. Although she will have a small role, … Read more

The Fifth Element: these 4 elements that show that the film predicted the future of our society

Whether Luc Besson has been the subject of many controversies over the years and has not necessarily succeeded in convincing the critics and the public on these last films, there is nevertheless a renowned French director at the origin of cult movies. Among them, The fifth Element (whose origin of the costume of Leeloo), a … Read more

Cinema. Neri Parenti: “Italian comedy is at risk”

The 72-year-old Florentine director Neri Parenti on the film set «Certainly popular cinema, with a neat appearance and good actors, only if it starts again will the theater be redone, but I’m not optimistic. Nobody goes to the cinema today … ». The alarm was raised by the director Neri Parenti, born in 1950, the … Read more

The ending of ‘Who Killed Sara?’ It is the most absurd and ridiculous thing you can find on Netflix

Álex Guzmán (Manolo Cardona) has many questions about his life and what happened while he was in jail. But he knows something clearly and without hesitation. That he did not kill his sister Sara (Ximena La Madrid), although he was sentenced to eighteen years in prison for that reason. Accused of a crime that he … Read more

SF, The Rock, SF, and more SF: the Summer Game Fest ceremony sucked

The near-E3 2022 kicked off with the Summer Game Fest opening ceremony and a much better show was expected. Geoff Keighley, the host of the Video Game Oscars, did well to ask us to temper our expectations of the Summer Game Fest ceremony. This was not a false warning: the conference, broadcast on Thursday, June … Read more

Open Roads starts: festival to discover Italian cinema in New York

Starts today 9 June, at the Walter Reade Theater in Manhattan, Open Roads: New Italian Cinema: an attentive, multi-thematic and excellent level look at 14 recent feature films of the Bel Paese cinematography. The validity of the proposal – a co-production of Film at Lincoln Center (FLC) And Cinecittà – it does not consist only … Read more

Powerful and poetic Rusalka at the Stuttgart Opera

More details stuttgart. Opernhaus. 9-VI-2022. Antonín Dvořák (1841-1904): Rusalka, opera in three acts to a libretto by Jaroslav Kvapil. Director: Bastian Kraft; sets: Peter Baur; costumes: Jelena Miletic. With David Junghoon Kim (Prince); Allison Cook (Foreign Princess); Esther Dierkes, Reflektra (Rusalka); Goran Jurić, Alexander Cameltoe (Ondin); Katia Ledoux, Judy LaDivina (Ježibaba); Torsten Hofmann (Game Warden); … Read more

The Quarry, la recensione di un gioco che poteva essere chiamato tranquillamente Until Dawn 2

Quando ti fai un nome con una certa opera, è scontato che il tuo pubblico ti ricordi soprattutto per quella e che la ricerchi in ogni cosa che fai. Si tratta di un atteggiamento ossessivo compulsivo verso l’intrattenimento, tipico della nostra epoca, che dà grande sicurezza al pubblico, quindi apparentemente inevitabile, a meno di grossi … Read more

Find out the curiosities of “Lightyear” before its big premiere

What will be your favorite “Buzz” in the next “Lightyear” movie? Tim Allen’s, who brought the character to life in all four “Toy Story” films, or the possible freshness and confidence that Chris Evans will impart in this new adventure? It’s up to you to choose wisely this June 17, but be sure that the … Read more