Star Trek 4 and the confirmed cast … unbeknownst to you

Sources inside Hollywood confirm what we had thought: When Paramount announced the fourth Star Trek with the same cast, we are not the only ones who were surprised, but the same actors. Let’s go back to the surprise announcement that Paramount made on February 15, talking about its future productions, in which the same JJ … Read more

Lightyear: after the censorship of a kiss between two women, other recent films that suffered cuts and bans

Dogma, by Kevin Smith – Credits: @Captura Although it seems like the past, it is not. In many countries, the censorship of series and movies is a daily issue and there are not a few feature films that suffer from these restrictions. And as a result of the case Lightyearwhich due to a kiss between … Read more

How it was canceled and how Abubakar Salim could bring it back | Pretty Reel

News recently arrived that Raised by Wolves had been canceled at HBO. The series (not to be confused with the Irish sitcom of the same name) came from Ridley Scott and ran for two seasons, ending abruptly on a cliffhanger. For anyone who hasn’t seen the show, it focused on a collective of survivors who … Read more

Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al Yankovic in the biopic trailer. VIDEO

The video that anticipates what we will see in the highly anticipated biographical film dedicated to the legendary American singer, comedian and actor is out. The Harry Potter star is totally transformed to tell us about the life, works and miracles of the eccentric Californian artist. Yankovic is the author of the screenplay, along with … Read more

Alain Chabat: A genius draw…

Of an almost British phlegm, the always youthful look, the actor crowds the red carpet of Cannes, Saturday May 21, to present Smoking makes you cough a cinematographic UFO signed Quentin Dupieux, perched director who also signs with him Incredible but trueanother feature film “odd” released on June 15th. Sunday, May 22, rebelote. Sunglasses and … Read more

Alighiero Noschese, imitators and a mystery


We take it away, quoting Paolo Villaggio and Laura Pausini. The first, in his brilliant unpleasantness, warned us not to believe the biographical stories of the stars, full of inventions more than truth; the second, demonstrating this thesis, in an interview tells of the time in Latin America that she said she was “embarazada“, Ignoring … Read more

“Here I laugh”: theater within the cinema


here I laugh is a movie starring Tony Servillo and directed by Mario Marton in which the Neapolitan actor gives life to the comedian Edward Scarpetta. It passed with great repercussion at the Venice International Film Festival and will be released throughout the year 2022 in Spanish cinemas. Review of ‘Here I laugh’ Data sheet … Read more

Idylle ou lucidité antiraciste, la commune humanité en question

2. Dans la mini-série de David Simon (2015), intitulée Show me a hero, Mary Dorman, une femme blonde d’une petite cinquantaine d’années, crie, elle aussi. Elle crie pour protester contre l’implantation dans son quartier de logements sociaux qui accueilleront des populations déshéritées de Yonkers, une petite ville du nord de l’État de New York. Une … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky, portrait of the Ukrainian president standing up to Putin


Lhis experience in a famous television series was almost prophetic. Volodymyr Zelensky44 years old, since 2019 is the president of Ukraine. But, before he became one, he had one career who hugged different professional experiencesalso very heterogeneous. For one thing, he dubbed the Ukrainian version of the Paddington Bear Zelensky was the lead actor of … Read more

What to watch this weekend on Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, HBO Max, Movistar+ June 17

Many, many premieres we have had this week, a total of no less than 70 that have been arriving from Monday to Friday, and that there will also be this weekend. In fact, we have up to 40 premieres to watch. Netflix, which releases 7 titles between now and Sunday, has among its highlights the … Read more