Dragon Ball: Yamcha has his own manga because Shonen Jump wanted to take advantage of the “minute of fame” that the character had

The cast of characters dragonball includes powerful, fearsome, brave and intelligent characters. Even so, she has also stood out in the comic characters section. One of them is Yamchawho began as a fearsome master of RogaFufuKen until he was humiliated by a young Goku, who knocked out a tooth by giving him one of those … Read more

Available on RaiPlay The great dictator by and with Charlie Chaplin

Available on RaiPlay The great dictatora 1940 American film written, directed, scored, produced, and performed by Charlie Chaplin. It represents a strong satirical parody of Nazism and directly targets Adolf Hitler and his movement, contemporaries of the film. In Italy the film was released in 1946 with the title The dictatorthen changed ne The great … Read more

Lucía Rodríguez and her interpretation of Gilda: where to see one of the best performances of carnival 2023

The performance of Lucía Rodríguezwhen considering individual yields, was up to now one of the most relevant in the early stages of the Official Contest of Groups of Carnivalwhich takes place at the Teatro de Verano. The actress and communicator plays Gildain one of the two parodies of Los Muchachos, one of the groups with … Read more

Joshua Kimmich, Bayern Munich’s (good) jack of all trades — foot11.com

A saving cannon shot signed Kimmich Bayern Munich did not start the year 2023 in the best way. Nagelsmann’s men have had a string of draws since the resumption of the Bundesliga. The first against Leipzig is understandable given the context of the return to competition and the opponent. The second did more task since … Read more

“Johnny Stecchino”: the double of Benigni who clears the mafia movie

Back on Cine34 (channel 34 of the remote control) at 21 a great all-Italian success: “Johnny Toothpick” by and with Roberto Benigni. A parody of mafia movie conceived and created by the Tuscan actor who not only takes care of the subject, the screenplay (together with Vincenzo Cerami) and the direction, but he recites it … Read more

Rain of zascas to Reyes Maroto for applauding TV3’s criticism of Madrid: “No one is going to vote for her”

Related news swords held high against Minister Reyes Maroto in her role as socialist candidate for Mayor of Madrid. Just over a week after the act with which Pedro Sánchez intends to launch it as head of the Madrid PSOE list on Saturday, February 4she alone has been at the center of criticism both of … Read more

Squid Game: reality TV inspired by the Netflix series is already degenerating?

The “Squid Game” program was such a success that Netflix decided to launch a reality show based on the concept of the show. But according to the first returns of the shooting, the atmosphere would not really be in good shape! Squid Game : a phenomenon in its own right As a reminder, Squid Game … Read more

Jojo Rabbit, the innocent face of Nazism

Ironic, poignant, delicate. The 2019 film broadcast tonight on Rai 2 directed by Taika Waititi immerses us from the first frames in a surreal Nazi Germany. Johannes jojo Betzler he is a 10-year-old boy with a strong sense of duty and driven by an irreproachable patriotic love. Intoxicated by Nazi propaganda he internalizes, as only … Read more

Family guy in the style of an American sitcom from the 80s

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it has been possible to portray the characters of Family Guy and even make a great video of the intro of the series. There is no limit to what these Artificial Intelligences that generate images cannot do. On this occasion, and thanks to Forocars we have been able to discover What … Read more