What cameo was Charlize Theron offered before? Doctor Strange 2 or The Boys?

Charlize Theron opens up about her recent surprise cameos in superhero productions and her image in The Old Guard 2 Superhero fans have seen a lot lately of Charlize Theronthe Oscar-winning actress, as she has made two huge cameos in 2022 and, although they were very different, it seems that Marvel Studios Haven’t had a … Read more

CAC 40: The extent of the fight against future inflation panics the markets, the CAC 40 plunges

(BFM Bourse) – In the wake of a rise again even stronger than expected in the price level in the United States, a current of risk aversion sweeps the Paris Stock Exchange and its European counterparts on Monday morning. The more inflation increases, the more central banks will have to restrict credit, at the risk … Read more

Peter Sloterdijk: “Gray is the color of contemporaneity”

Philosophers are often blind to the chromatic nuances of reality … Thus begins the dialogue with Peter Sloterdijk, one of the most prestigious contemporary philosophers, in his studio in Berlin. In which the author of the “Critique of cynical reason” and of the mammoth trilogy of the “Spheres” explains the reasons for his new essay … Read more

Martín Vizcarra congratulated Tito Silva Music for the success ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’, where they mention his alleged infidelity


Apparently Martín Vizcarra also liked ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’ and praised its creator Tito Silva Music (Tik Tok Capture @joltis) According to the recommendation of several doctors, in this life we ​​all have to take things with humor, if we want to have a good time in these parts. And the great philosophers of life … Read more

Aymeric Caron: the antispeciesist and Malthusian wing of Nupes

For the 2022 legislative elections, the alliance with the anti-speciesist party of Aymeric Caron confirms that LFI does not hesitate to court the most radical wing of environmentalism The good score achieved by Jean-Luc Mélenchon in the presidential election has caused a clear shift in the center of gravity of political ecology, which is now … Read more

The history of comics according to Martin Mystère


Alfredo Castelli, creator of Martin Mystère, is not only a screenwriter but also one of the most important comic historians, an area that has accompanied him throughout his career. Or maybe even before, that is, since he was 19, in 1966, founded Comics Club 104, considered the first Italian fanzine on comics, in which he … Read more

Tweet by Colombian politician Margarita Restrepo about defeating Rodolfo Hernández is false


Copyright AFP 2017-2022. All rights reserved. An alleged tweet by Colombian congresswoman Margarita Restrepo, in which she assures that “defeating” presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernández is also defeating former president Álvaro Uribe, leader of the ruling Democratic Center party, of which she is a member, has been shared more than 1,000 times on social networks since … Read more



Bruno Rambier, president of Courpière cinema, shows color from the start. “I can’t, I have cinema. We can’t escape this declamation printed in large characters on his T-shirt! This “big screen” enthusiast is at the head of a team of volunteers who are always enthusiastic despite the difficulties linked to the health crisis. The preamble … Read more

Classical Greek poetry # 3: Hipponatte, the exiled poet


“Hermes, my Hermes, son of Maia,Cillenio, I have a cold dog, and I beg you:[…] give a cloak to Hipponatte, and a coat,plush boots and sandals, and sixty staters of fine gold“. – Hipponatte Classical Greek Poetry – Hipponatte The genres of archaic Greek lyric were distinguished between monodic lyric and choral lyric. The word … Read more

María Becerra’s reaction to a video that parodies the relationship between her ex


The parody of Pablito Castillo to the romance of China Suárez and Rusherking that motivated the reaction of María Becerra In the last days, the relationship between Eugenia La China Suárez and Rusherking It was one of the most commented in the entertainment world. From small winks on networks, they went on to appear together … Read more