Chills becomes “Limits”: the parody of students struggling with Mathematical Analysis 1

What happens when the biggest musical hit of 2022, Chills of Mahmood and Blancocollides with the despair of college students struggling with the exam session? “Limiti” is born, the perfect parody for those intent on passing the Mathematics Analysis 1 test but are repeatedly postponed and forced to study relentlessly. Some people had the brilliant … Read more

The Boys season 3: here’s how the Soldier Boy could kill the Protector


Episode 4 of The Boys brings an iconic character back to center stage: Soldier Boy. Originally, Butcher and his group travel to Russia to find a weapon capable of killing The Protector. A weapon so powerful that it was the cause of the death of the mighty Soldier Boy. But instead of finding a way … Read more

Heterobasic, the strange phenomenon: “We conquered social media with the parody of the average male”


They are less than thirty years old (24 and 23, to be precise), and in the space of eight months their lives changed, transforming the two former students Valeria De Angelis and Maria Chiara Cicolani first into TikTok phenomena and then into something bigger: the former actresses and authors daughters of the #metoo revolution. Notes … Read more

E. coli bacterium, Dorian Guéméné, “Millionaire” in Begard: midday update


Recall of Malo yogurts: the Breton dairy will strengthen its controls This Monday, the Malo dairy recalled yogurts due to a suspicion of the presence of the bacterium Escherichia coli in several batches. “We obviously deplore this situation”, reacted this Tuesday, Xavier Macé, director of the site. “We have always been concerned about the safety … Read more

Max Mendoza and Nadia Cruz, the end of the parody begins | DUTY

The stubborn and fifty-year-old president of the CUB, Max Mendoza, must not understand what the next six months of preventive detention that he now enjoys will mean for his political future. Before the criminal attack on the Tomás Frías University, he had indisputable power, managed resources, relationships, gave interviews, received recognition and compadrazgos; Suddenly he … Read more

Joker 2: this international star should embody Harley Quinn and it’s unexpected (15 tweets)


While we now know that a sequel to Joker 2019 is officially in the works, we can’t wait to find out more about it. And that’s good, since this is new crisp information that would have reached us just yesterday! Promising new information on the sequel to Joker With its box office success with more … Read more