Demonstrations against the pension reform: the ingredients of a social explosion to come

Reading time: 6 mins How long does it take for a form of collective expression to become empty of its meaning, to become a parody of itself, a simulacrum? Do social rites have an expiration date? It was said to be obsolete, the good old demonstration, with its slogans shouted at the megaphone, its banners … Read more

The “Belmarsh Court” demands the release of Julian Assange • PRESSKIT

The Belmarsh Tribunal, bringing together some of the world’s leading activists, artists, politicians, dissidents, human rights lawyers and leaders. and progressive whistleblowers, calls for the release of Julian Assange. He also spoke in defense of WikiLeaks. The Belmarsh Court is similar to the Russell-Sartre Tribunal on the Vietnam War, convened in 1966 by philosophers Bertrand … Read more

What happens when you reach the end of the Marvel Snap Collection Level?

This is the question many Marvel Snap players are asking, but getting to the end of this Marvel card game is not easy. someone got it Although there are thousands of players who are hooked on this success of Ben Brode‘Marvel Snap‘, there are not so many who have a collection level so extremely high … Read more

A colorful carnival workshop and a dignified quartet begin the battle of carnival songs

The troupe ‘Plastilina’ and the quartet ‘This quartet is divine’ stand out during the first preliminary of the singing contest JOHN SOTO Malaga Saturday, January 28, 2023, 15:54 Finally came the day. The Malaga Carnival has raised the curtain on the Official Singing Group Contest this Friday with a vibrant night. The eight groups that … Read more

Jorge Ramos: Los pájaros no existen y los peligros de la desinformación

La desinformación en internet está tan extendida que hay teorías conspirativas tan absurdas como, por ejemplo, la que asegura que los pájaros no existen. Les cuento más de la de los pájaros. En las redes sociales circula una teoría que dice que la mayoría de las aves que vemos no son reales. El movimiento Birds … Read more

Guérande: the towel still burns between the opposition and the mayor

Through Cathy Ryo Published on 27 Jan 23 at 16:24 The Echo of the Peninsula See my news Follow this media In September 2022, minority groups had already in unison expressed their anger at Mayor Nicolas Criaud ©Cathy Ryo In September 2022, groups ofopposition from the municipal council of Guérande (Loire-Atlantique) pushed a rant against … Read more