Max Mendoza and Nadia Cruz, the end of the parody begins

Nor the stubborn and fifty-year-old president of the CUB, Max Mendoza, must understand what the next six months of preventive detention that he now enjoys will mean for his political future. Before the criminal attack on the Tomás Frías University, he had indisputable power, managed resources, relationships, gave interviews, received recognition and compadrazgos; Suddenly he … Read more

La connerie est une énergie renouvelable Boulogne

La connerie est une énergie renouvelable Boulogne-la-Grasse, 10 juin 2022, Boulogne-la-Grasse. La connerie est une énergie renouvelable Boulogne-la-Grasse2022-06-10 – 2022-06-10Boulogne-la-Grasse 60490 Boulogne-la-Grasse   Le spectacle qui vous fait découvrir une nouvelle science : La connerilogie. Quand la connerie sera phosphorescente, la politique enfin éclairera notre chemin. La connerilogie, ou étude de la connerie, est pratiquée … Read more

Soffritti draws the Topodyssey: “What fun this Homer is”

FERRARA. Everyone, at least once in their life, has daydreamed thinking about the journey made by Odysseus (also known as Ulysses) to Ithaca. He and his companions, after fighting the Trojan War, took ten years to return to their homeland. Years of challenges, torments, temptations, struggles with the gods, desires and battles. An adventure handed … Read more

The viral parody of El Marginal that came to Netflix

The viral parody of El Marginal that came to Netflix (Video: Instagram) “the fringe? I have no idea, crazy, I know The Franginal”they wrote together the platform of series and movies and the humorist Frank Gomez on their Instagram accounts. There they shared a video with a parody of the popular series starring Nicolás Furtado … Read more

‘Not Okay Bears’ NFT Collection Is Having Trouble

The Not Okay Bears collection hits the internet shortly after its launch. It has also become the top collection in NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare. However, after such a period of popularity, OpenSea decided to remove the parodied NFT collection from its marketplace. Official Not Okay Bears tweet about verification by Looks Rare The … Read more

Compie 30 anni “İtalyan, Rum Casusu Çıktı”, il capolavoro di Elio e le Storie Tese

Era il 12 giugno 1992 quando gli Elio e le Storie Tese pubblicavano il loro secondo album, dal titolo İtalyan, Rum Casusu Çıktı. Quello che, a tutt’oggi, rimane il loro sommo capolavoro, infarcito di veri e propri inni generazionali, da Servi della gleba al Pipppero®, da Supergiovane a Uomini col borsello. Il titolo e la … Read more

Cuqui La Mora causes a sensation with “40 Libras”, his new parody of the Goddess of Cuba


Cuban comedian Cuqui La Mora, also known as “la mostra”, causes a sensation with her new parody “40 Libras”, the new theme of La Diosa. Cuqui La Mora is one of the most popular comic artists of the moment; who with each of her occurrences makes us laugh a lot. In addition, she has been … Read more

Charlize Theron Talks Surprise MCU & The Boys Cameos

Charlize Theron talks about her surprise cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Going through Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – and The boys, which happened weeks apart. Based on the comic book of the same name by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Amazon Prime Video’s The boys is a satirical take on … Read more

Theatrical itineraries in the Terre Basse


Reading time: 2 minutes Lower Brescia. At the Padernello Castle and in the villages of the Lower Brescia, from June 16 to July 15, the open-air theater review. It begins with the Bibbiù show among the scenarios of the fifteenth-century manor. The open-air theater along creative, cultural and social itineraries in the Lower Brescia area. … Read more

They launch “Mi baby fiu fiu” in caporal and the networks go crazy with a new version


The young artist Gianfranco Bustíos gives his own rhythm to ‘Mi bebito fiu fiu’. (Tik Tok capture: gianfrancobustios) This doesn’t stop. And it is that the success that ‘My baby fiu fiu’ is reaching unsuspected limits. It no longer only causes a sensation on social media and people never tire of dancing to it at … Read more