10 Memorable Characters From “The Office”

marked a watershed moment in television, with a risky parody of office work and a series of unlikely and relatable characters under the leadership of Michael Scott. In nine seasons, the series starring It entered the history of the small screen and remains current online, with memes, reels, and tiktoks, as well as on streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

Despite the fact that these are the times of political correctness, this program still has an audience and It is usually one of the most viewed in the ranking of preferences. One of the keys is its remarkable cast. Here we propose a list of the best characters of the show. What is your favorite? If it’s Toby, this note is not for you, as Michael Scott would say.

Dwight about to make the best introduction in the history of “The Office” (Photo: NBC)


10.Andy Bernard

Andy started as a Jim’s irate and fastidious co-worker and then remained one of the key characters in “The Office”. Funny, touching and, above all, naive, he was one of the irreplaceable protagonists of the series with his engagement to Angela, his romance with Erin and other scenes that, without his singing and his accidents, would not they would have been the same.

9.Stanley Hudson

We’ve all been Stanley at some point in our working lives.. Exhausted, looking at the clock to leave the office, this worker represents the boredom of modern life after a long career doing the same thing every day. But not everything is gray in him. When he appeared in front of the camera, with a couple of comments he made you laugh. Or he made you uncomfortable, especially when he fought with Michael in front of everyone. Such an everyday character.

8.Kevin Malone

For some the most disturbing, for others, one of the funniest and most innocent. Kevin Malone was the ultimate parody of the accountant who seems to know little or nothing about numbers. Even Kevin’s love life was the weirdest. Even so, he has become one of the most endearing members of “The Office”, due to his big heart and his talent with the drums.

7. Meredith Palmer

Meredith is another of the anthology characters in the series.. Her problems with alcohol and her diverse sex life marked her within the office, where she stood out above all for physical comedy. One of the most disturbing roles on the show and that she always had something to surprise the public with, even between laughter and disgust.

6.Angela Martin

Another of the characters that shone with physical comedy was Angela Martin. His gestures of disgust or disapproval were precise and he did not need a single word to fit the comedy. His love for cats and his attachment to religion marked his personality. Ruthless many times, hurt in others, Angela was among the top of the best roles in “The Office.”

5.Jim Halpert

Jim is definitely one of the best characters in “The Office”. He is one of the protagonists of the first seasons when he is behind Pam’s love, being part of the funniest, tense and most romantic moments of the series. In addition to the fact that he is one of the most handsome according to his co-workers, although not more handsome than Ryan according to Michael.

4. Pam Beesley

Pam shares Jim’s qualities but is further developed. He is a character who is always looking for his place in the world. She tried it as an artist, then left the reception to be a salesperson and so on. You will never find the same Pam in every season of “The Office”. And she has an epic sense of humor, of course.

3.Dwight Schrute

You love Dwight, you love him, you hate him and you want to hug him. That’s why he is one of the most complex and entertaining characters in “The Office.” A farmer nerd looking to excel by being a bootlicker to the boss and looking to get rich. A unique guy, actually, who’s been in on almost every Michael, Jim, and Pam prank. The edges of Dwight’s personality are remarkable, always on edge.

2.Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton is that co-worker that you don’t know much about but that any legend would fall for. No one knows how Creed got to the office or how he has managed to keep the job for so long: it is not even known what his function is. But it does tell his other activities, which border on the illegal, and his disturbing stories.

1.Michael Scott

The best character in “The Office” is Michael Scott, without a doubt. He may not be the favorite of the majority, but he is the best worked in the entire series, the solenoid that moves the office. A role that Steve Carell He took it to another level with an unforgettable performance. Michael is many things: self-centered, malicious, selfish, naive, unfunny, misplaced, but he is above all a lonely man. That’s why he looks for friends, a partner, a circle that supports his emptiness. In the midst of his overflowing effort, the genius of the most irreverent character of all comes out.

10 Memorable Characters From “The Office”