5 unforgettable moments in the history of Les Luthiers, from “Esther Píscore” to “Misread Monologue”


Everything has an end. the one of The Luthiers comes after 55 years of experience. The humorous-musical group announced its final farewell of the stages with the realization of a tour that, surely, will be massive. This is how its two “historical” members decided (Carlos Lopez Puccio Y Jorge Maronna, aged 76 and 74, respectively). To remember them, what better than to see them in action? Here are five great moments.

misread monologue

For starters, a classic: daniel rabinovich and their readings. In this case, about the composer Mastropiero, a key character in the group’s history. The sketch is simple: the actor, musician and comedian who died in 2015 reads a monologue but changes the whole meaning by joining words, shortening them, changing their accentuation. Everything becomes nonsense.

Les Luthiers – Misread Monologue

forgive her

A sad and melancholic bolero. After the presentation of Marcos Mundstock the music arrives daniel rabinovich he is heartbroken and his companions try to comfort him. Esther has left, but before she confessed some things: that she has never loved him and that she was never faithful to him. Then the story turns surreal and the song continues: “That afternoon when she was already leaving / she chased me through the house with an axe.”

Les Luthiers – Forgive her

The explained

A true musical piece of humor. On stage, The Luthiers he is dedicated to doing what he knows best: songs of enormous ingenuity. Since the words do not come out, they explain their meaning. For ranch: “Kind of hut far from the town, with or without walls, and that can be preserved from the elements or whatever is necessary.” For empanadas: “Dough that is fried or baked and that has a filling of minced meat, seasonings, olives and bell peppers.”

Les Luthiers – The Explained

Esther Piscore

They’re at an award show. Mundstock and Rabinovich are in charge of conducting the event. Suddenly the idea of ​​the muses arises in the conversation. Terpsichore is in Greek mythology —daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne— one of the nine muses, the one of dance. That’s where the setback arises, when Rabinovich, who plays the role of the ignorant, understands that her name is Esther Piscore.

Les Luthiers – Esther Piscore

The teenagers nowadays

With a frenetic and very danceable rhythm, The Luthiers proposes an irony towards youth that becomes a sarcastic look at the adult generation. Jorge Maronna Y Carlos Lopez Puccio they sing —sing, rap, recite— and dance in a sketch that has become a classic. “Today’s youth / have no ideology / only think about drugs / sex and orgies,” they begin solemnly. And that’s where the parody comes in.

Les Luthiers – The youth of today

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5 unforgettable moments in the history of Les Luthiers, from “Esther Píscore” to “Misread Monologue”