A third of trains canceled for Christmas, end of strike at GRDF, Albiceleste celebrated in Argentina… News from this Tuesday

A third of trains canceled for Christmas. Only two out of three trains will run this Christmas weekend because of a strike by controllers, SNCF management announced on Monday. Two out of three TGVs should run on Friday on the Atlantic and Mediterranean axes, and one in two trains on the North axis. Three Ouigo out of 4 should circulate. The Intercités should have normal traffic conditions. The details for Saturday and Sunday have not yet been communicated. Read our article.

Bastien Vivès and his publishers targeted by a complaint for dissemination of child pornography images. The association Innocence in danger, committed to the protection of children against violence, has filed a complaint against the author of comic strips and two of his publishers, Glénat and the Requins Marteaux. This complaint covers three offences: dissemination of child pornography, incitement to commit sexual assaults on minors and dissemination of violent messages to a minor. Bastien Vivès, revealed by Le Goût du Chlore in 2009, is accused by various critics of “trivializing” child pornography and incest and of promoting “the culture of rape” in some of his works and through several speeches or messages. posted on social media. Read our article.

Argentina celebrates its world champions. After thirty-six hours of waiting and communion, the Porteno people were finally able to pay tribute to their players. This Tuesday was declared a holiday in Argentina to welcome the national team, crowned for the third time world champion in Qatar. The Albiceleste, which landed in Buenos Aires, made a big loop downtown, celebrated by a huge crowd on top of a double-decker bus, before having to leave the scene by helicopter. Several million people took to the streets to welcome the winners of the World Cup as demi-gods. A moment of exaltation and communion in a country divided politically and economically drained. “There is an intense connection through this crazy emotion” told a fan to our correspondent. Read his report. And see our slide.

Strike at GRDF: the CGT and management find an agreement after six weeks of conflict. This was the last major conflict in the professional branch of Electricity and Gas Industries (IEG). A six-week conflict that is coming to an end with a social victory for the agents and the CGT. The latter required an increase of 2 NR (level of remuneration), which added to the increase of the entire branch recorded at the beginning of the autumn, would have allowed the gas operators to obtain a minimum of 200 euros per month. With the agreement signed this Tuesday evening, it is the sum that will obtain, at least therefore, all the gas producers according to the CGT-GRDF. A calculation confirmed by management at Release.

The government calls for protection for the holidays in the face of a triple epidemic. Elisabeth Borne renewed her call for vaccination and the wearing of a mask before the end of the year celebrations. “We are facing a difficult situation. And with the holidays, this situation is even more tense. in the face of three epidemics “overlapping”, bronchiolitis, Covid and flu“which is particularly hard this year”, recalled the Prime Minister after having participated in a steering meeting of the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency.

No power cuts at Christmas, January in tension. There will be electricity at Christmas. And even for New Year’s Eve. According to the latest update of the electricity outlook from RTE, the manager of the high-voltage line network, the drop in electricity consumption of 9% over the past four weeks is allowing the French network under pressure to breathe. The holidays should be spared, while the risk for January drops from “high” to “medium”. Read our article.

The ECHR validates the conviction of Zemmour for his discriminatory remarks in 2016. The European Court of Human Rights dismissed far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour on Tuesday and validated his conviction by French justice for incitement to discrimination and religious hatred towards the Muslim community, after remarks made on France 5 in 2016. In particular, he presented Muslims living in France as “colonizers” and “invaders” fighting for “Islamize» French territory. Read our article.

Russian government divided over winter offensive in Ukraine, according to Washington. Russian leaders are divided on launching a major winter offensive in Ukraine, a US official says, amid fears Moscow could try again to take Kyiv “CClearly, there are some who, I believe, advocate continuing the offensive in Ukraine. There are others who have real questions about Russia’s ability to do so.” he said. Remarks that come as Russian President Vladimir Putin must set the objectives of his army for the year 2023 during a meeting with senior military officials on Wednesday, according to the Kremlin.

Harvey Weinstein again found guilty of rape and two sexual assaults. Divided verdict for Harvey Weinstein: the former Hollywood producer was found guilty on Monday December 19 of rape and two sexual assaults at the end of his trial in Los Angeles, only half of the charges for which he was prosecuted. After two weeks of deliberation, the jurors found him guilty on all charges brought by the first of the four accusers. They found him not guilty regarding those of a second woman, and did not issue a verdict regarding the allegations made by the other two. Read our article.

The British Terry Hall, singer of the Specials, is dead. Smoky gaze, clean-shaven crew cut and vampire complexion planted like a knife in a cigarette suit, Terry Hall possessed within the Specials this classy look of the downgraded who want to fight it out. After the announcement this Tuesday on the group’s official account of his disappearance, following a “brief illness” at the age of 63, the tributes in uninterrupted cascades of all the major actors of British rock of the last forty years testify to the influence of this guy who probably did not know he was so immense. Read our article.

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The lure of parasocial relationships. By dint of blurring the line between private and public lives, Web stars have created a close relationship with their fans, who feel they know them intimately. To the point of defending them tooth and nail when, like Norman Thavaud, they are accused of sexual violence. Read our article.

The energy crisis affects the most precarious. According to a survey by the Social Union for Housing (USH), more than half of HLM organizations report an increase of more than 10% in the number of households late in paying their rents. For Emmanuelle Cosse, the president of the USH, “The rise in financial difficulties for tenants was unfortunately announced, given the very incomplete nature of the tariff shield put in place by the government for people heated collectively by gas and electricity”. Read our article.

Rumors of reprisals against South Sudanese journalists. Humiliating images of the South Sudanese head of state, shot during an official ceremony, have invaded social networks. And were accompanied by rumors about the fate reserved for the reporters who broadcast them. have journalists been killed for having filmed the President urinating on himself? Read our article.

A third of trains canceled for Christmas, end of strike at GRDF, Albiceleste celebrated in Argentina… News from this Tuesday