‘Alert’, a former member of ‘Sábados Felices’ revived images and mocked the video of Yina Calderón; she says she didn’t pass the audition

Days ago, Yina Calderón became the protagonist of different news in the national media and social networks, after releasing the video clip of her version of the song how the cold hurts. This work was a musical proposal of the famous vallenata song composed by José Luis Carrascal, which was classified as one of the most important and influential genre classics in the country’s history.

The businesswoman with girdles was the target of comments for this artistic project, since many considered it a bad tribute to the musical genre. A strong wave of criticism invaded their personal accounts, focusing on the fact that they had not liked the guaracha sound that was implemented, in addition to the images of the video clip.

In the midst of the situation that the DJ went through with this release, a new celebrity took advantage of the rise of this controversy to get humor and amuse users of digital platforms. This is Juan Ricardo Lozano, famous in the media as ‘Alerta’ or ‘Cuenta huesos’, who took advantage of an old clip of his work in Happy Saturdays to talk about the ex Protagonist of Our TV 2013.

According to what was recorded on the humorist’s official Instagram account, a series of images were the setting for the Huilense music video to gain momentum, again, among the curious. The Colombian uploaded a fragment of his participation in the parody of they call mewhich alluded to My name isof Snail Channel.

In the caption, ‘Alert’ made reference to the outfits worn by the models in Calderón’s project, since in the past he used similar pieces while doing one of his parodies. The comedian pointed out, in a humorous tone, that he had appeared for the audition of this audiovisual material, but failed to pass.

How can I forget my audition for the @yinacalderonoficialdj video, but they didn’t accept me. I gave it all”, he wrote in the post, slightly mocking this performance.

The reactions of the faithful followers of the Colombian focused on the funny publication, in addition to the occurrences that it embodied with these contents.

Yina Calderón came out in defense of her new guaracha

Yina Calderón was left the target of criticism and comments on social networks after this musical proposal was officially launched. Given the words she received from the digital scenarios, the Colombian decided to speak out and respond to those who judged her.

“I follow the trajectory of the composer of the song, we wanted to cover the song without altering its lyrics, obviously not, it’s just a cover, like many covers on YouTube, and I love that song how the cold hurts and I think that the mix was spectacular; the fluttering, the stomping”, the businesswoman of girdles pointed out at the beginning.

He also added that he knew what he was facing when he released his cover. “The fact that it was recorded in a tolerance area of ​​Bogotá and that the actresses, because in reality my sisters and I are acting, are seen dressed in this way, does not mean that there is disrespect for the subject, nor for the composer , nor did anything (…) I feel that it’s more because I do it, so they attack me and hit me hard everywhere. I already knew that I was exposing myself to criticism”, Yina points out in the video.

The video of her guaracha version was recently released, Yina attacked some people who have criticized her appearance, which is evident in the video clip. “You have the right to criticize, that my sisters’ ass, that the stretch marks, that the cellulite, that the belly, that the fat man, that when he crashes, he crashes… When one submits to recording a video like this, he submits to the Criticism, whatever you want, in no way am I going to hold on to you, not at all,” he said in his Instagram stories.

Yina also left light on a possible “behind the scenes” of the video that she would soon be posting on her YouTube channel.where you can already see the official video of how the cold hurts in a guaracha version, which already has more than a million views on YouTube.

‘Alert’, a former member of ‘Sábados Felices’ revived images and mocked the video of Yina Calderón; she says she didn’t pass the audition