Alessandra (Don’t forget the lyrics) furax, she smashes those who judge her!

In the columns of Tele-Leisure, Alessandra reviews everything. His method, his kitty, his enemies and his friends. Ouch, it stings!

Alessandra swings heavy!

Among all the heroes of Do not forget the lyrics, Alessandra stands out. Indeed, the young Belgian won more than 200,000 euros in record time. Without going into scientific calculations without much interest, Objeko tells you that the ratio wins / emissions exceeds everything, even the prowess of Queen Margaux. That’s why, as the Masters approached, fans were eagerly awaiting his return. For her part, she has finally agreed to speak with our friends at Tele-Leisure. Dear reader, you are going to discover what she did with her winnings and how she envisages the Nagui tournament. Less than a year after his coronation, his metamorphosis deserves a look! Nothing and no one can stop it!

Don’t forget the lyrics changed everything

Before starting the interview, Alessandra would like to thank everyone who supported her. Between the messages and the letters, she was the first surprise of such a ” infatuation for his person. She confides in herself and believes that she has been ” a bit in his little bubble“. Of course, throughout his appearances on the set of Don’t forget the lyrics, she needs to stay focused. However, she thought, really went unnoticed“. Very quickly, he is made to understand that his sixteen participations are worth as much financially as fifty! Hats off to the artist!

Nevertheless, at the character level, Alessandra notices an evolution. At the start of the game, she was on reserve, like in a shell. Even if her goal was not to turn out to be such an adorable butterfly, she wants to make this assessment. She owes a proud candle to Nagui and her teams since she has now radically changed her attitude. ” I am more comfortable speaking in public, when I set myself a goal, I remain determined. I am much more sure of myself. »

What did she do with her kitty?

Thanks to the sum accumulated at Do not forget the lyrics, the management student makes a radical decision. More than ever, her relatives support her in her real estate investment project in Spain. However, more ant than cicada, Alessandra places all the same have a lot of money aside. » With a smile, she admits to us that a part will be dedicated to some great trips. »

To all those who do not grasp the value of discovering the world, she defines them in a piquant way. These ” poopers should better stay in their corner. Maybe they realized they never would have had the opportunity she had in Do not forget the lyrics ? One thing is certain. With their reproaches and their malicious comments, They will not manage to reach him morally!

Long live the Masters!

If she had to tell the difference between an event like The Masters and the Maestros Tournament, she gauges that by the amount of stress. ” I told myself that if I made the slightest mistake I would involve my whole team in my fall, unlike the Masters where I am solely responsible. » Besides, if you want to know his technique to revise and accumulate so much musical knowledge, it is in the paragraph above.

Alessandra does not have four ways. She estimates that she knows 1,400 songs at her fingertips. But she dreads the ordeal It’s the same song. She considers that there are small traps, such as articles or other syntactic things of this kind. It’s really a shame to stumble because of a ” the ” instead of a ” the“. Certainly, behind the scenes, Cruella is jubilant. But the candidate will do everything not to give him this joy!

QUID of Alessandra’s opponents!

Regarding the first two Maestros in the history of Do not forget the lyrics, the agreement is more than good. In a previous article, Queen Margaux explained to us that she did not miss an episode. To the chagrin of her lover, she fears that someone will steal the first place from her. And she’s been hot lately with Caroline! As for Kevin, he is always up for distance training. Against all expectations, Alessandra is now part of this tribe! ” And you have to know that we talk to each other every day! It has become a second family. We feel like we know each other by heart. »

As she was about to challenge Julien, Alessandra does not mince her words about him. » I followed his journey because he is one of the deans of the show (she laughs). » All her life she will remember their first meeting ” in truth “. “I ran into him backstage and he told me he had studied like crazy“. In hindsight, she thinks he made this confession in order to “putting the pressure on, in “good-natured” mode. Obviously, his strategy did not work!

The best for the end

With Maureen, it’s the opposite. The two women know and respect each other. Besides, she fears it much more. » We have more or less the same musical culture, the same tastes. » Who will win this great tournament Do not forget the lyrics ?

Almost a year after her arrival, Alessandra seems motivated. The least we can say is that she looks ready to fight! Continued in the next issue!

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Alessandra (Don’t forget the lyrics) furax, she smashes those who judge her!