Alessandro Barbero is raging on the web – mania. The historian beats the influencers

After Piero and Alberto Angelathe web consecrates a new television broadcaster (as well as an academic, writer, essayist …) loved above all by younger Internet users: Alessandro Barbero. The interventions of him and his lectiones magistrales (someone turns up their noses in front of the Latin plurals, but how can one not be fussy about it when talking about Barbero?) Although of considerable length often equal to that of a football match on Youtube they are followed by thousands and thousands of users and on social networks they flourish groups in his honor, with proselytes who idolize him. For the few who don’t know him yet, here’s who this new, unexpected star of the web is.

Who is Alessandro Barbero

Medievalistalthough I would like to point out that the The Middle Ages never actually existed (“period too long and too varied to be labeled under a single term”), passionate about armies and military strategies (the luckiest ones have witnessed some of his interventions in which he cashes even the reconstructions of the most epic battles of The Lord of the Rings), Alessandro Barbero he gained notoriety among the general public thanks to the column he takes care of in the RAI broadcast “SuperQuarks” Of Peter Angela.

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Affable and courteous, dal contagious smile and inimitable gestureshas the merit not only of explaining the most complex historical facts, the causes that led to the outbreak of wars, revolts and revolutions (“riots are revolutions that have not gone well”, he is keen to clarify) and their consequences on the course of history with simple words, but, above all, knows how to involve the listener thanks to his overwhelming and disruptive enthusiasm. This despite the convention and common belief that his subject is certainly not one of those that one likes to study in school.

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Perhaps because there are very few institutes that can include professors like Alessandro Barbero, thanks to whom nowadays – every day -, young and old, they dust or discover from scratch facts that date back to the Roman Empire or the day before yesterday. Yes, because although he specializes in medieval history, he does not disdain interesting interventions on other crucial moments of our past, from the French Revolution to the Italian Risorgimento passing – in strictly non-chronological order, the professor will forgive us – for the dramatic defeat at Caporetto, the uprisings of 1848, the Ciompi revolt and Napoleon’s military strategies.

From Turin, full professor at the University of Eastern Piedmont in Vercelli, author of over 40 essays that have managed to cross the boundaries of academic libraries (among the lucky ones, we remember: Charlemagne – A Father of Europe, The Battle: The Story of Waterloo, Behind the Scenes of History co-written with Piero Angela e Lepanto – the battle of the three empires), it also turned out intriguing novelist (The Athenians, Beautiful life and other people’s wars by Mr. Pyle gentleman with which he won the 1996 Strega Prize, The eyes of Venice, The sofa of Istanbul or New York, 14a) and, not satisfied, he even ventured into painstaking recovery of very particular medieval poems that certainly would never have passed the censorship of the old friar Jorge De Burgos of the novel The Name of The rose. Curious? Then try to recover the pamphlet The desire for cocks and other medieval fabliaux

By now a fixed presence (and particularly awaited by a growing number of people, many of whom punctually fail even to enter the hall from the crowd that is created) at events such as: the Festival of the Mind of Sarzana, the Medieval Festival of Gubbio and the lessons organized in Turin by Intesa Sanpaoloalso travels to theaters throughout Italy as a consummate actor and tells the deeds of the greats of history even on the radio.

A success consecrated by imitations and parodies

In short, Alessandro Barbero is certainly not a man who knows how to sit with folded arms. And those who follow him – and consequently venerate him – know it well. In fact, as already mentioned, he gesticulates continuously, whirling his hands and arms while he recounts exploits from centuries ago. A fact that has allowed the appearance of a fair number of imitators who make fun of him, yes, but with due respect and the necessary reverence.

Alessandro Barbero ended up without his knowledge even in the parody of Poop Squadwhere he was transformed into the perfidious “Barbaro”, a bloodthirsty character (“sgozzamento” is now a catchphrase, around that Youtube channel) and more recently in Cartoni Morti.

An extraordinary success in a world, that of the Internet, which never ceases to highlight the worst features of our civilization. Yet his lessons, but also simply his polite and calm ways, prove to be more than simple oases in a cultural desert dotted with webeti and keyboard lions. Given the high number of followers, in fact, one could even say that the web is not at all that rough and inhospitable place depicted by the media. If you are not sure, Alessandro Barbero however, he preferred to stay out of it (he has no social profiles, simply because he prefers to “do something else during the day”). In the meantime, however, he has already gone down in history. If not the one with a capital letter, at least that of the web. And it’s certainly not a little…

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Alessandro Barbero is raging on the web – mania. The historian beats the influencers