An embarrassment that will be paid dearly

The great playwright José Ignacio Cabrujas said: “Venezuela is not a country that has created its laws, perhaps because the laws it should create would have to be regulations rather than laws; regulations such as those that exist in hotel rooms”. This reflection expressed in the Ateneo de Caracas in 1995 -when in Venezuela the intellectuals debated facing the country-, ends up being pertinent in the midst of the shameful parody recently articulated by a part of the National Assembly elected in 2015, which approved the disappearance of the figure of Charge of the Presidency of the Republic, in charge of Juan Guaidó, thus transferring the executive powers and the government, to a collegiate of deputies, in an absolutely unconstitutional act.

This process, which was carried out in the AN on Friday, December 30, with 78 votes in favor and 29 against, revealed the objective of a quota of the opposition world (worryingly a majority) represented in the parties Un Nuevo Tiempo, Primero Justicia and Acción Democrática, for those who now the urgency is not free, fair and transparent elections but the control of state assets.

The popular myth attributed to the journalistic investigative exercise of the Watergate case would say: “follow the money route”.

The Democratic Initiative Group of Spain and the Americas (IDEA) has compiled texts by respected specialists from the Academy, honorable defenders of the Rule of Law who rigorously analyze the seriousness of the actions of these AN deputies. The publication exposes an embarrassing act that, in my opinion, is under suspicion.

What the AN approved was indeed, paraphrasing Cabrujas, a decision more in line with the rules of a hotel, and much more dangerous in its consequences.

It is also a selfish act of an elite that adhered to the narrative of the regime with its “Venezuela fixed itself” exercised in some 100 hectares in which some fools pay money launderers a price five times higher for what they consume.

It is also an action that dismisses the suffering of a country. Who forgets the 13 women and 261 men deposited in dungeons as political prisoners of the regime. Who despises thousands of retirees who die of sadness without social assistance. That it disdains the suffering of workers who do not earn even remotely enough for their families to eat, as has been recalled by the teachers and teaching staff who marched en masse on January 9 in all entities of the country and who still they continue to protest, despite pressure from the regime.

Returning then to the embarrassment of the AN and the analysis of specialists in the highest Venezuelan law, I want to highlight some observations.

A sentence by Asdrúbal Aguiar: “It is the dismantling of the transition to democracy. A parliamentary coup against the Constitution that violates the republican and democratic system”.

Allan Brewer Carías: “In addition to being unconstitutional, it is nonsense because what has not been created by it cannot be eliminated by the National Assembly.”

José Ignacio Hernández: “The third way that the National Assembly has created is totally unconstitutional and creates the risk that Maduro, beyond his illegitimacy, could judicially claim the legal representation of Venezuela (as he has tried to do since 2019)”.

Ignoring the specialists, what did the AN do? It approved a confusing and illegal political instance dependent on that legislature, an “administrative board” that will be in charge of expenses and defense of assets.

The arguments of the parliamentarians for such a violation of the maximum law were of all tenor, without stopping at offenses against the constitutionalists, such as those made public by José Miguel Matheus of Primero Justicia.

Insults aside, this sadly famous phrase should be highlighted, from the voice of Matheus: “The problem is not Maduro.”

The requests of the experts were neglected. Professor Román José Duque Corredor was one of the most attacked for having pointed out this: “this mandate of the provisional government must culminate with the swearing in of the new president-elect in the free and competitive elections called and organized by the Electoral Power under all the guarantees , to give rise to the culmination of the presidential term 2019-2025”.

It won’t be like that anymore. The deputy for Popular Will, Freddy Guevara, opposed to this chaos, summed up the embarrassment: “How is it that we think that we can bring a legal instrument to this National Assembly without having consulted or validated that it will serve to meet the objectives? (…) Excuse me for the tone, but this should make us all ashamed… I can’t understand how we are committing this suicide. Probably the first political suicide and formal surrender broadcast live on social networks and the Internet.

An embarrassment that will be paid dearly