[Análisis] Restless Soul for PC

Fuz Gamesfrom the hand of your distributor Graffiti Gamesbrings us Restless Soulan adventure RPG for PC Steam and Nintendo Switch, which completely breaks all the established rules of the genre in a very high parody tone.

Since the days of the 1970s, the rpg genre It has been evolving both in computers and in video consoles. We have seen sagas of games like Ultima, Final Fantasy, Zelda, Phantasy Star and a long etc have been contributing to the genre, gradually transforming it into what it is today.

Restless Soul - Grim Reaper will be there to greet us kindly.
Grim Reaper will be there to greet us kindly.

On the other hand, parody and video games have been coexisting for some time, giving a more casual approach and taking humor to the extreme in any genre they have gone through. games like Parodius, UnEpic, Earth Worm Jim, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, have given a fresh and humorous touch, seeking to laugh at the typical topics of the type of game on which it is based. It is here where Restless Soul manages to take the parody to a higher point, because it adds absurd humor in high doses. Every scenario, situation and conversation that we have, we will be involved in that explosive mixture, leading us to very hilarious and surreal situations that will make us enjoy a lot.

a parody of history

If there is something in which you truly stand out Restless SouHe is in his story, since from the beginning he marks the rhythm with which we are going to find ourselves. Our protagonist is a soul recently arrived in the afterlifeis in a room where the Grim Reaper is in charge of your reception. After the insistence of Soul to return to earth, the grim reaper he goes to another room to check something that he has seen in his file and that does not fit him. At that time we will meet wow, a dog that will become ours teacher and partner throughout this adventure. Woof will teach us how to fight and how to dodge attacks and, after a first fight, we will be able to escape from the reception of grim reaper. It is then that our adventure and search for the eight keys that open the portal that will allow us to return to life. Obtaining the keys will not be easy as evil Dr. Krull he’ll be out there hatching plans to keep us from making it.

Restless Soul - Woof our friend
Woof, our “Inseparable” companion

Up to this point everything seems normal, but here nothing is what it seems. Of first the game breaks the fourth wallmaking the Soul speak with us. The narrator will always look for a way to troll the Soul, trying his best to laugh and put her in absurd situations. The NPC characters, who are usually other souls, will bring us all kinds of unlikely situations. special mention to Woof ya Grim Reaper that each in their own way will bring us a touch of intrigue, companionship and as expected, a lot of absurd humor. You could say that the entire game is one big spoof, meant to make fun of the genre and itself, giving us a brilliant lesson in how to do it at every turn.

The big question is, will the Soul be able to bring it back to life? This is something that we will have to find out, and as a good story, the enjoyment is not in solving the question, but in the way to go.

Not everything is 2D even if it seems so

The graphic bet Restless Soul can shock at first sightwell we have a 2D protagonist in a 3D world. His style pixel artAlong with the simplicity of 3d worldhas reminded us of Game Boy games but evolved. This graphic mix offers us a vision of our own, and makes us think about what games would be like today if that was the path chosen by the developers, instead of the path that has been taken.

Restless Soul - 3D Worlds with 2D Characters
2D characters in a 3D world

Once we get used to his peculiar graphic styleyou will see the magic of its minimalist style shine and made on purpose for pay homage to many titles of the RPG genre.

A soundtrack from beyond

The soundtrack of Restless Soul is thought simply to accompany. Within his style, each area and situation has its variations to put us in a situation, and although it is not an epic soundtrack, it accompanies perfectly all the wayenriching the game enough and without making it too heavy.

Diverse towns to visit
Many diverse towns that we will visit.

The sound effects, the same thing happens to music. They are not very remarkable but they more than fulfill their mission, whether they are the sounds of the attacks or the sounds of the texts, everything fits very well, supporting the experience.

Action RPG and mini games to support gameplay

Restless Soul is based on classic RPG gameplay where we will have to explore many places, talk to many people and do missions. To differentiate a little they have added doses of action RPGs providing fluid combat and avoiding turn-based combat. at the start of the game wow in his master class, teaches you how to attack by firing square projectiles Hitting enemies will deal damage to them. This shot is directional and is controlled by the right stick or the arrow keys on the keyboard. to tell you where to shoot. to defend you Woof teaches you to dodgeby pressing a button, you can vanish for a moment and appear later in the indicated direction. It’s a simple combat system but that as we advance in history we will see that it is not easy to master escape and shoot in a certain direction at the same time.

Frantic combat awaits us

In addition to combat, the game offers several very interesting mechanics, such as the puzzles that some characters are proposing to you, rooms with traps that we must draw and a lot of mini games of various genresall designed to give us variety in the gameplay.

The game does not have difficulty modesbut inside the game we can activate god mode where they won’t hurt us or increase the damage we can do. As the game configuration comes by default, the difficulty curve is quite adequate and the difficulty itself is not very highbut It is good that they add these options for those who want to enjoy a lighter experience.

The Nintendo Switch version adds vibration on the Joy-con, but unfortunately it does not add any extra more than takes advantage of the possibilities of the Nintendo hybrid console.


There’s no doubt Restless Soul’s strongest point is its storyin which parody is the main protagonist that will take us by the hand to a world beyond, a world where rules are broken every moment through absurd humor, giving us endless hilarious situations in a very peculiar 3D environment.

Yes, we are fan of the RPG genre and we want to enjoy something different from the usual, or if we like the absurd humorthis game is a great option to choose without a doubt for both PC Steam and Nintendo Switch.


Restless Soul


  • A different way to enjoy RPGs as we have known them until now
  • The story that it offers us and the humor that it gives off for each pixel of the game
  • A very interesting graphic proposal and different from what is seen today


  • The lack of ambition in its soundtrack
  • That only Dr. Krull can be voted for in the afterlife elections


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[Análisis] Restless Soul for PC