Analysis of Rick and Morty. Season 6. Episode 7

rick and morty has returned after a hiatus of more than a month, with a chapter that delves into a topic that is as careful as it is despised in the series: continuity. Dan Harmon has already stated on many occasions that he hates how fans make crazy theories based on every detail or want everything to have an impact, but it is clear that those responsible for Adult Swim’s flagship product know when a character has too much potential to do so. disappear in its first chapter. Let’s review the episode, hoping it doesn’t make us doubt our own reality.

Previously in rick and morty

The chapter begins by reminding us of what has happened in rick and morty: Space Beth admits to having an affair with Earth Beth, Rick fixes his portal gun, Summer gets… pregnant, Jerry… Jerry dies? Wait a minute, there’s something wrong…

As the protagonists end up discovering, they are inside a fake “previously on” segment, where a villain has introduced them to lead them into a trap. Once they go through the credits of the series, they reach limbo where Story Lord, the antagonist of the famous train episode in which it ended up revealing that everything was part of the plot of a toy.

Story Lord will try to escape into the real world to become a more rounded character and the leading duo will turn to some uncomfortable allies that represent different literary devices.

Fourth wall? What fourth wall?

Although Rick and Morty contains plots that extend over different seasons, it has always stood out for its self-concluding segments, with anthological episodes throughout its entire career. This is one of them but, as is happening in this sixth season, it is related to the past of the series. Furthermore, it is a direct sequel to Never Ricking Morty. The fact that there are ongoing subplots beyond the evil Morty gives it a layer of depth to the universe of characters.

But the chapter works because, quite simply, it’s fun: when we think that the plot couldn’t get any crazier, the script manages to present twists (pun intended) that will make more than one fan of writing or analyzing stories laugh. . The entire episode is a huge mockery of the attempts to systematize the narrative of authors like Greimas, Propp or himself Dan Harmon, whose self-flagelating humor is seen through the unsuccessful writer that Story Lord is trying to get revenge on.

rick and morty

Throughout these twenty minutes of metafictional commentary, we find personifications of different narrative elements that fear the powerful retcon like the plague, a series of villains that could last an entire episode each. But the creators are so confident in their ability to come up with new ideas that they dispatch them all in five minutes, leaving the main characters in the hands of none other than Joseph Campbell, the creator of the famous “hero’s journey” that would end up inspiring George Lucas when directing Star Wars.

Thus, a somewhat acid parody of this author is made, which contributes to solving the conflict in a last battle that takes our breath away from laughing so much. The end of the chapter, with the talentless writer once again endangering the world for his stupid idea, caps off a very welcome return that lives up to his predecessors. Although the rest of the family has barely appeared, rick and morty continues to maintain an enviable quality.


Rick has always broken through the fourth wall, but in this chapter he completely smashes it. While hilarious to people who understand the references, it may alienate a large part of the audience, who need not have heard of Campbell’s hero’s journey or seen the train episode. Rick himself says that this chapter has been designed for critics and I add that it has also been designed for Reddit and Twitter. This is a problem that could harm rick and mortywhich also drinks a lot from casual viewers.

But, as long as these more metafictional installments do not eclipse the more traditional adventures, they are welcome. And more if they cause as many laughs as The MetaRicka Jacket.

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