Andrés Borda opens his way in New York

Making his way in the great meccas of acting such as Hollywood or New York implies a journey of many challenges and a temper strengthened by patience, indicates the Mexican actor Andrés Borda, who progressively promotes his career betting on projects that allow him to explore all kinds of genres, stories and characters.

Although Andrés travels between New York (where he graduated from New York University) and Mexico, the actor is more than prepared to face new challenges and, as he reaffirms, “wherever work takes me”, thus taking advantage of all possible opportunities such as that have led him to join outstanding productions of international impact such as “Dark Desire”, one of the most ambitious and mediatic projects of Netflixwhere he gave life to “Junior” in the second season, catapulting it as one of the new youthful faces of Mexico.

“I’ve been a fan since the first season, (‘Dark Desire’) was not something that Mexican television had, it was something that was missing, that mix between suspense, sex, desire, that it was not a soap opera,” Andrés comments. remember with humor the great learning that he had in this production, since initially he auditioned to represent the character of “Darío Guerra” (Alejandro Speitzer) in his most youthful stage, and although he was in the cast, the production chose to take him to another role: “There was no room for pride, I took it. There are no small papers”.

“’Dark Desire’ was incredible, because first I had the opportunity to audition for a project that I had no idea what it was, but I do and originally it was for the role of Alejandro Speitzer, as a young man. When I got this role, I was very excited, it was an incredible process of many changes, I made my first recording, but at the mere hour they told me that I didn’t look like (the character), it was a producers’ issue.

Although discouragement was present in Andrés before the sudden change of roles, the actor points out that this is something everyday in this career and that it has strengthened him to know how to deal with the uncertainty of the future and the final result of such a big project: “ That was my first lesson in the entire industry, nothing is really certain, you have to make friends with uncertainty yes or yes”.

Andrés highlights the great learning experiences in his career and even more so given the great support of his agents in New York and Mexico who progressively link him to new projects that will soon hit the international screen, such as “The short arm of the law”, a series starring Diana boviusand where Andrés will immerse himself in comedy from the platform HBO Max.

“I play the role of the school popular, the basketball captain, the bully, el gallán, is a comedy where a bit of a parody of ‘High School Musical’ is done. I had a lot of fun, because it’s a mix between a musical and a series.”

Always on the lookout

The actor emphasizes that he is not only interested in promoting his talent in film and television through recent projects such as the renowned series “The Blacklist” with the NBC production, as he also aims to continue to stand out in the theater, having the possibility every time closest to joining the Broadway circuit.

“I’m waiting callback for a work in Broadwaywhich I got recently, I’m still waiting if I stay as the main character, that has me super excited. It points towards the mystical, magical and mysterious, it is not a drama show, but it is not musical either, but it does have a lot of production.”

Andrés Borda highlights the infinite opportunities that arise every day in cities like New York, and although he is more than familiar with this iconic metropolis and the rhythm of the auditions, he confesses that the great multicultural weight and the dynamics of life is also complex, for what he has learned very well how to deal with the competitiveness of castings and the lifestyle that this implies.

“Getting there with nothing is not knowing who you are writing to, who is going to promote me, how do I do it, but I am very proud to have gotten a manager before finishing my degree, also in Mexico. It is a lot to contact your vulnerability, it would be very cool to sit idly by and a project comes to you, but it does require a certain vulnerability and getting closer to people and wanting to collaborate”.


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Andrés Borda opens his way in New York