Another bioseries about Vicente Fernández is released – 24 hours

Jaime Camil says that they searched for him for three months to do King Vicente Fernandezhe gladly accepted, and he prepared a lot to play Vicente because he didn’t want it to be an imitation or a parody, the idea was to get into the skin of the Charro from Huentitan.

Jaime promised to sing the songs in the tone that Vicente did and it should be noted that he did it perfectly and the soundtrack is already being sold.

The actor clarifies that he had no opportunity to meet Don Vicente, but Alejandro, Vicente Jr. and Gerardo are like his brothers.

Natália Subtil tries to pressure the Mayers through interviews, she has said in several programs that Sergio Mayer Mori does not comply with his support obligation and that is why she has sued him.

Bárbara Mori’s son is very careful with his words, but his father Sergio Mayer defends him and confirms that Natália is trying to blackmail them, since her granddaughter Mila lacks nothing.

As Natália commented, she blocked her daughter’s father because he was insulting her, but she said that she could call him and go to her house to see Mila, for this she had to open the line of communication again, but she shared a chat on her Instagram, to evidence that Mori had arranged to go through the girl but at the mere hour he canceled the appointment; The model reported that Mila was very excited to see him, she even made letters and drawings for him and unfortunately left her planted. So apparently she doesn’t want to stop the attacks, she should follow the legal process to get alimony established, instead of publicly hurting the father of her daughter.

Consuelo Duval is the host of The Challenger and he doesn’t want to take sides, because he admires Dulce and also respects Lupillo Rivera. The singer is angry because she claims that The Bull of the Corrido He did not take her work into account and preferred to vote for Karina, since she is a very beautiful and talented girl, but she forgot the lyrics and even so, Lupillo favored her with his vote.

Whatever he does, Nodal is always in the middle of controversy; she went with some friends and they were singing The defeat and one of the men shouted: “Ch… to your mother Belinda”. Nodal took the microphone and sang a little and laughed at what the man said, that has earned him endless criticism, because they consider that he was unkind and should have defended his ex, so the singer’s fans told him burned.

The work premiered the wild turkeys, with Margarita Gralia, Roberto Blandón, Raquel Garza and Beatriz Moreno, is presented at the San Ángel Cultural Center. Margarita says that it is an endearing work that talks about the relationships between family members and their discrepancies, the actress returned to the theater after five years.

I have an earring: Alejandro González Iñárritu believes that specialized critics have rated his film Bard as pretentious and this is equivalent to saying that the film tried to express something profound and failed. The filmmaker assures that if he were from Switzerland or Denmark they would not use that adjective, since they continue to discriminate against Mexicans.

Do you think that is the case or that he does not want to accept that his film is not as good as he thinks?

There’s more… but that’s all I’ll tell you.

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Another bioseries about Vicente Fernández is released – 24 hours