Apple really lets its employees speak about harassment and discrimination

Apple removes a clause in non-disclosure agreements from its employment contracts: the discussion of working conditions. Clearly, Apple employees will be able to talk about issues of harassment and discrimination occurring at work.

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Apple published a study report on its non-disclosure agreements, which until now excluded the discussion of working conditions. In his memo entitled “Our commitment to an open and collaborative workplace Apple says it no longer wants to prevent employees from talking about workplace harassment and discrimination issues, says The Verge.

Apple employees will be able to talk about their workplace harassment and discrimination issues

This published report had been ordered earlier in the year by Apple shareholders. He had to assesspotential risks to the company from its use of concealment clauses in connection with harassment, discrimination and other unlawful acts“. In this memo, Apple states that “employees have the right to speak freely about their working conditions, including harassment and discrimination» and took the opportunity to reaffirm his «commitment to a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment“.

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A report that concludes that failure to enforce Apple’s provision to prevent its employees from talking about their working conditions poses risks “legal, brand, financial and human capital […] weak“. More concretely, Apple considers that freeing the voice of its employees on these issues is more profitable than preventing it.

An initiative hailed by the protectors of labor law

The Vergealso reports that the initiative has been praised by Nia Impact Capital, a worker protection organization that is a member of the Transparency in Employment Agreements coalition, either for the “transparency in employment contracts(TEA). He called Apple’s initiative “a game-changing change for the tech industry“.

On the other hand, recall that this concealment clause from Apple had attracted media and legal attention in November 2021. Dear Scarlett, a former engineer at the company, had left her position and claimed that her former employer had prevented talking about his departure. By changing its practices regarding its employees, Apple is also strengthening its image by showing its credentials.

Apple is not the only American giant to make such a decision, since last June, Microsoft ended non-competition and non-disclosure clauses in its employment contracts.

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Apple really lets its employees speak about harassment and discrimination