Atlético must defend itself from the hand that rocks the cradle

Atlético de Madrid is fed up and rightly so of everything that is happening lately at the refereeing level with decisions that, in my opinion, are typical of a parody movie. We live in the ‘Refer as you can’ of Spanish football with chaotic and surreal scenes every weekend. There is not a single Friday, Saturday or Sunday in which a man dressed in black or yellow does not mess up the World Cup accompanied by his friends from the VAR for decisions that do not make any sense. We suffer it in Spain and they comment on it even abroad. We are a national and international arbitration parody.

Atlético was gored well yesterday in San Sebastián. Things as they are. The usual ones will say that it was Cholo’s tactic, that he did not attack, a conservative mentality, he backed down… 16 shots, 7 of them on goal. Do not sell milongas. They attacked, they scored and Remiro saved Real Sociedad, but overcoming arbitrations like the one yesterday by Mr. Soto Grado is very complicated. It was scandalous and it must be said, because others say so. maybe with messages that are not published and that move ordinary soldiers or with direct calls that are unknown, but exist. Atlético, meanwhile, went head-to-head. Tomás Reñones grabbed the shield and the sword that others do not dare to take and he defended what was his and his own with education and forcefulness. Thomas, eternal captain.

Atlético has to defend itself from that hand that rocks the cradle of Spanish football. A hand that Joao Félix whistled yesterday before Morata’s 0-2 and he forgot that Sadiq’s, as much as it drove the commentators crazy that he scored, are also pitable. Because it was scandalous. It was the fact that Sadiq’s hand or arm were not whistled, just as it was exasperating that Soto Grado forgot that grabbing and kicking Atlético de Madrid players is illegal. Morata yesterday was playing rugby with the defenders. Joao Félix, who does not have media campaigns to defend his ankles, was riddled with bullets. What are we playing, collegiate gentlemen? One hand whistled and another not. A grab for Morata when he left alone and was the last defender. Do not give the law of advantage in a play that ends in a goal. What scandal is this? Well, one that must be denounced, because if Atlético does not defend itself, nobody is going to stand up for the club.

This arbitration generation has been boasting of being the best for several years. Before and now with Medina Cantalejo. Medina, by the way, capable of asking for respect for her guild at the same time that she releases a “we want respect, damn it”, like the one who gets angry at a bar counter with her card colleagues. They say they are very good. Okay. Well, I say they are very bad. And my opinion is not going to be re-arbitrated, I’m sorry. Neither mine nor that of 90% of fans, coaches and footballers, who by the way are fed up with criteria being explained to them with a smile off the pitch and then on the inside they look at them cockily and apply the rules of a book called “Here my rifle, here my pistol and I apply the norm as I like it”. As Carlos Sainz would say, “Stop inventing”.

When they rob you, you have to file a complaint and Atlético did it yesterday through Tomás Reñones and also with some players who in all their photos on social networks showed the fights they had on the field. Llorente uploaded a photo being grabbed. Morata, too. Joao published Tomás’ statements. I see it as logical, honestly. Here the one who doesn’t cry, doesn’t suck and enough of turning the other cheek, because when it happens the other way around, Atlético is riddled with bullets by the soldiers I mentioned before. A recent example? I’m not going far. I’m going to preseason. Against Cádiz at the Carranza, Atlético won 0-4 and one of the goals came from a handball by Saúl. Check out where some game analysis went the day after. More for that hand and the “controversial victory” of Atlético than for the sovereign review that Simeone’s team gave in said tournament. This is how this works. We all know each other. Therefore, when you touch the “Kidneys” more than necessary, you have to defend yourself. Very good Thomas.


Atlético must defend itself from the hand that rocks the cradle