Australia’s goalkeeper starred in a parody of his ‘dance’ in the penalty shootout against the Peruvian team

Andrew Redmayne, teamed up with The Wiggles, an Australian children’s group, to make a parody about the saves in the penalty shootout of the playoff against Peru (Video: Socceroos)

Andrew Redmaynethe goalkeeper of the Australian team who was a figure in the penalty shootout that defined the pass of the ‘Soccer’ to World Cup Qatar 2022 against Peru, is again controversial. Since, by way of training, he was called to participate in a dance choreography withThe Wiggles’ (‘Los Meneos’ in the Spanish translation)Australian children’s cast famous for their YouTube channel.

In the oceanic country, the famous goalkeeper was nicknamed ‘Grey Wiggle’ (‘Grey Wiggle’) after his last performance against Peru. He is remembered because his strategy under the three sticks in the World Cup repechage was to move from one side to the other within his own area, which was effective in stopping the “Blanquirroja” penalties and, finally, leaving him without a World Cup quota to Peruvian team.

“Saving that last penalty was amazing and the way he did it was brilliant. It was an iconic moment in the sport, so we reached out to him and invited him in with the honorary title of Gray Wiggle (‘Grey Wiggle’)”, indicated the director of the children’s entertainment group, who confessed to having seen the match for the World Cup playoff against the Peruvian National Team and consider ‘memorable’ the performance of Redmayne for the final tiebreaker.

Redmayne did not hesitate to be part of the cast during a broadcast, emulating the steps he applied in the World Cup playoff (Photo: Socceroos)

The Australian goalkeeper, for his part, revealed that in the penalty shootout he used the steps and movements of ‘The Wiggles’ (‘The Wiggles’) that they were “unorthodox as they were well rehearsed and he had used them before in the Isuzu UTE A-League Men’s”.

“I never thought I would lead the dance of The Wiggles onto the world stage, but I’m glad it worked out. It was a team effort and I only played a small role in what was a four-year campaign to achieve this goal of qualifying for Australia for the sixth World Cup of FIFA”, highlighted the penalty goalkeeper with great emotion.

Likewise, the Australian pointed out that he closely follows the choreographies of the children’s group because he has a 18 month old daughter, who always tunes in to the channel to pass the time. “The Wiggles They’re on my TV at home all day, so it’s a bit surreal to record songs that I know inside out, with these guys.”

Valera fails penalty in Peru vs Australia. Video: TNT Sports Chile

On the sports side, Redmayne He is aware that he still does not have a guaranteed place in the 2022 World Cup. Rather, training sessions and friendly matches are pending to show his skills in goal and thus be able to travel with his national team. “I have no illusions about my ticket to Qatar. But my goal is to perform well in the coming months to show what I am capable of,” he said.

Australia vs New Zealand

Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Venue: Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, QLD

Time: 20:00 (local time)

New Zealand vs Australia

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2022

Location: Eden Park, Auckland, New Zealand

Time: 16:00 (local time)


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Australia’s goalkeeper starred in a parody of his ‘dance’ in the penalty shootout against the Peruvian team