Authors from six countries will make the comic hall international

The twenty-seventh edition of the “Villa de Avilés” Comic Conference begins this afternoon. They have never been lacking, not even in the years of the pandemic. They have had to adapt to the times, but they have always been present, first in the calendar of youth activities in the city and, for a few years, in the cultural calendar. The main novelty this year is the presence of authors from six different countries –including the United States and Canada: Cully Hamner, Karl Kerschl and Ramón K. Pérez– and this is what will return the international character to a comic strip that has always has remained faithful to the House of Culture. In its auditorium is where the talks are organized with each of the guests. But also the closest environment: on the terraces of the most central bars.

Jorge Iván Argiz, one of the co-directors of the cultural meeting that serves to say goodbye to the intense summer program or to welcome the autumn, has always defined the Conference “like those of the fans”. Because readers and creators know each other, talk, sign copies… And you see that every afternoon. From today and until Saturday.

One of the central acts of the Comic Book Days has to do, precisely, with the tribute that the organizers pay each year to the public that comes to Avilés every September. It is a gift of a numbered plate signed for years by Enrique V. Vegas, the creator of the famous “Cabezones” – parody and reverence of all possible genres, of all known classics. This year’s one has as its main character a Superman who flies over the Carbayedo park where there is a group of “bigheads” celebrating the night (some of them have a clear resemblance to those responsible for the Avilesian salon of the cartoon and their customs) .

Isaac Sánchez’s exhibition, yesterday, in Avilés. | Mary Sources

Enrique V. Vegas is, according to the directors of the Jornadas del Cómic, “one of those responsible for getting the little ones to start reading and become fans of comics”. But Vegas is also the creator of “Kobe”, “War Diaries”, “Sweet Dreams” or “Leinad”, the most epic work of his that he has recently completed. His visit to the Conference will coincide with the release of his latest work: “The New Spider-Man”, his parody of the Marvel character.

Isaac Sánchez exhibits sheets of his “High tide baths”

One of the Spanish graphic novels of the season is “Baños de pleamar” (Dolmen). The firm Isaac Sánchez, who in his other life, was a pioneering YouTuber (he called himself “Loulogio”). The “Villa de Avilés” Comic Conference, whose twenty-seventh edition starts this afternoon, dedicates its star exhibition to Sánchez’s work, especially to the one related to these “Baños de hightide”, which is a realistic story and family of the nineties in Spain. The exhibition is in the exhibition hall of the House of Culture until September 11 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sánchez’s first work – “The Return of the Fish Man” – won the “Josep Coll” award at the Barcelona Salon, but Sánchez changed the comic for social networks. A few years later, with renewed energy, he immersed himself again in the world of mythology as a backdrop to offer the work “Taxus” in Dolmen Editorial, a saga initially made up of three volumes (and now compiled in a complete book) that delighted the public and that led him to park his career in humor to focus again on his original vocation as a comic book author, something that fans applauded until this very moment.

Authors from six countries will make the comic hall international