Ayuso parodies Equality and calls Sánchez a “soft man” for not creating illusions in politics

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has starred during the XXV Interparliamentary of the Popular Party a harsh intervention against the Prime Minister, Peter Sanchez. Using the latest campaign of the Ministry of Equality, the Madrid president has called “soft man”also warning him that “Madrid does not fold”.

The president of the Community of Madrid and also leader of the formation in the region, has been in charge of presiding over the first table of the conclave that the main opposition party has organized this weekend in Toledo.

Ayuso has begun by ridiculing the latest campaign of the department led by the minister Irene Monterowhich has been renamed as “ministry that doesn’t matter”. The popular baroness has criticized the high cost of this action, whose ultimate goal is “to say how women should behave and how men should be.”

Ayuso criticizes the “pure authoritarianism” of the Government and asks Sánchez “who is the soft man”


“Of course, this surprises me when it comes from a government that says that there are de facto powers that control everything. When you have everything under your control (public companies or propaganda) and you are not capable of filling absolutely nothing with illusion, who is the softy man?the Madrid president has questioned.

However, the main attack that Ayuso has made against the head of the Executive has been that of “authoritarian”. Repeatedly. “So much money in propaganda to show that they are pure authoritarianism, that they turn off shop windows without saying how they can help, 22 ministries to impose everything in an authoritarian way”, she has censored.

Faced with this, the president of the Community has pointed out that “Madrid is an annoying object, which does not bow to the impositions of Pedro Sanchez“. Assuming her usual role as an opponent of Moncloa from Puerta del Sol, she has defended that in her region she does not like “Let the PSOE even say how to eat.”

Contrasting the socialist model with the popular one, Ayuso has asserted that the Community he presides over is “an opening project. A land of companies, of prosperity, of life, of respect for judicial decisions and the law that must be complied with for all “.

The Madrilenian president has denounced that socialism is “anachronistic”, that it seeks “off, sad, directed and controlled” citizens, something against which -she has warned- in the Community of Madrid are not going to “resign”.

Expanding on dismantling the PSOE, he lamented a regression of the formation in the hands of Sánchez: “Before it was a project that spoke to the youth, now they abandon them, they lie to them. (…) They no longer represent us. They put pressure on society It is no coincidence that we are always at odds, the man with the woman, the rich with the poor”.

“The Alternative”

As for the reactions of the Executive to the opposition work carried out by Feijóo, the Baroness from Madrid has once again denounced the “authoritarianism” of the ministers and of Sánchez when “They tell him how can he think of opposition.”

The also president of the PP of Madrid has considered that Sánchez “is so authoritarian that he does not admit or opposition” to the Government. To which she has made clear: “We are the opposition, we are the alternative.”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso has considered that in Moncloa “as they get smaller, they become more brutal”, consolidating the idea of ​​a change of cycle on which this weekend’s summit is about.

In the coming months, he has predicted, “this is what will prevail.” That is why he concluded by saying: “What we want to say to soft-spoken men is that this is the game of life, of freedom, of joy, of prosperity. It has come to stay and to be the alternative.”

Ayuso parodies Equality and calls Sánchez a “soft man” for not creating illusions in politics