‘Battle for Pandora’: exploitation of ‘Avatar 2’ and 21st century B series

The universe of Avatarcreated by work and grace of James Cameron, has begun its expansion 13 years after the premiere of the sense of water, comes the second part. and all of it waiting for the following sequels up to a total of 7from now to 2033 (predictably) as confirmed by Disney, of which the third, fourth and fifth already have names: the seed bearer, Tulkun’s Rider Y Lin search of Eywa. But there is more. Because there is a plugin exploitative to the premiere of avatar 2.

The title of this B-series it is…Battle for Pandora!

Attention to the trailer, which is fine cinnamon.

This low-budget version focused on Pandorathe planet of the Na’vi, we can include it in our video library along with other jewels of the modern B series such as sharknado, Megashark vs. Giant Octopus either jesus christ vampire slayer.

Produces The Asyluma true factory of delicious nonsense like Atlantic Rimhis version of Pacific Rim; either The Fast and the Fiercea great complement for fans of fast & furious.

What secrets does he hide? Battle for Pandora?

In Battle for Pandoramembers of the United States Space Force will travel to Pandora in response to a call for help to rescue who is supposed to be in trouble on this moon of Saturn. Once there they will find something they never imagined, a highly advanced humanoid species with the shape and composition of water that will pose a danger to them and to the entire universe.

and all of it in a totally blue Pandora, like the one that one day the good James Cameron created. And, beware! that we can also see an important influence from another of Cameron’s great films, The Abyss (1989), fundamental in shaping these alien humanoid creatures.

The thing promises. And more, with Tom Sizemore as Leada true master of seedy cinema in recent times (see Alien Conquest (2021), War of the Worlds from The Asylum; ice apocalypse (2020); The Second Coming of Christ (2018) or Immortal Wars (2017).

The funny thing is that, at the time, the veteran American actor came to appear in good series like Twin Peaks: The Return (2017), Lucifer (2016) or crash (2008) and movies like pearl harbor Y Black Hawk shot down (2001), To the limit (1999), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Heat (1995) or Natural Born Killers (1994).

The distribution is completed with other names as unknown as those of Christos Andrews, Mark Rickettson, Becca Buckalew, Drew Anthony Hernandez, Plastic Martyr, Michael Scovotti, Nadja Sofia, Natalie Storrs and Azeem Vecchio.

And as for the master of ceremonies, Noah Lukeacts as director and cinematographer and has only one film from 2001 in his filmography, jungle runanother ‘masterpiece’ of The Asylum, with whom he has created a luxury tandem to give us this year no less than four feature films (each worse). In addition to Battle for Pandora, Attack on Titan, Thor: God of Thunder Y Moon Crash… Aren’t you looking forward to seeing them all?

Gasoline for Twitter

And as expected, the reactions on Twitter about Battle for Pandora They have not been kept waiting. They are not from great film critics, but the truth is that they have no waste pulling humor and irony…

Battle for Pandora? Jesus, I hope Jim Cameron destroys you for this!” (We imagine that he would refer to James. Either that or his own exploitation of him).

“Silly means awesome! Silly Trailer for The Asylum’s Avatar Parody Movie Battle for Pandora”.

“Can you parody the sequel to one of the most horrible movies ever made? Funny trailer for the parody movie Avatar by The Asylum Battle for Pandora“.

“What can be better than Avatar Y abyss in the same movie? James Cameron has a lot to worry about…”.

“Some media are giving a lot of cane to Battle for Pandorafilm exploitation of Avatar created by the people of The Asylum. The truth is that because of the trailer it seems to me even more interesting and honest than the millionaire plagiarism of Pocahontas perpetrated by Cameron”.

The Battle for Pandora from The Asylum seeks to ridicule (Did I just make up a word?) Avatar by James Cameron and The Abyss at the same time. Disappointed, Tom Sizemore was not painted blue.

For all those interested in enjoying the new jewel of The Asylum, It will be time to search until some brave person comes up with such a crap thing In our country. But we will have to get serious about it, because we are looking forward to the trailer. I’m sure we’ll have a good laugh…


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‘Battle for Pandora’: exploitation of ‘Avatar 2’ and 21st century B series – Zeleb