Beers in Murcia with… Georgie Dann

I say goodbye to my summer beer journey with the king of summer songs. Even if it means bringing someone from far far away, it was almost mandatory to receive someone. Georgie Dann. We meet in Los Toneles to enjoy a Murcian salad while I tell the author of the barbecue Y The beach bar what are the songs that are succeeding this summer so that you can choose the most appropriate one.

Everything about youby Rauw Alejandro, was last year’s song of the summer. This 2022 the thing is not quite clear, although there are firm candidates. The author of one of them is precisely the current partner of the Puerto Rican singer who won the title in 2021 and one of my guests at these meetings: Rosalía.

The last theme with which the chime has struck, despisehas all the ingredients to be the song of the summer: simple and catchy lyrics on reggaeton and merengue rhythms, as well as a video clip in which Rosalía herself and other bathers appear cooling off on the beach. To add insult to injury, it has his own dance thanks to a Tik Tok trend that has gone viral and has made it so that when the single plays in nightclubs you can see small groups doing the choreography.

For ‘despecha’ another of the candidates. The evil tongues say that with Congratulations Shakira is comfortable with Piqué (the theme talks about the breakup of a couple due to betrayal). This song, in which the artist collaborates with Rauw Alejando (she is the protagonist again for the second consecutive summer), was published at the end of April, so at the beginning of the summer she had already gained a lot of ground and that is why some musical media include it among the options. Because there can be no other reason. I have a very open mind with music, really. My taste is very varied and I can’t stand a few songs, but Congratulations has managed to enter the blacklist. Seriously, it’s automatic, it sounds on the radio and the second I’ve already changed the frequency. I can’t stand the breathy way in which Shakira sings the chorus. I hope Georgie Dann agrees with me and rules out this possibility.

Titling his latest album A summer without you It would be sacrilege not to include any of Bad Bunny’s songs among the options. Specific, Titi asked me It has not been missing in any summer soiree that is lent. Note that the letter is not very simple, since it names several names of women. Well, people know them, in order. This kind of game of calling the roll and naming all the girls with whom the singer claims to have had a relationship has succeeded.

Although, if we talk about success, it is session 52 of Bizarrap with Quevedo that has done it. stay got 2.58 million views in one day. “What’s up, that the nights without you are dueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelen” It sounds everywhere, including in the heads of the listener when they are shopping, taking out the garbage or doing any task. I think that the djs will be able to agree with me that when they want to liven up a party, it is enough to press play on this song.

Exposed this, it only remains to know the verdict of my guest.

-You have forgotten a song that reached the top of Spotify’s Viral Global list with millions of reproductions and is my favorite. I still can’t get her out of my head.

– Which?

-My baby fiu fiu

The parody song of Tito Silva. That I did not expect. The theme was removed from all platforms due to copyright issues, but If Georgie Dann says so, there’s nothing to argue about. We already have song of the summer.

Beers in Murcia with… Georgie Dann